Jill Dillard And Jessa Seewald Give Updates On Their Boys

Sisters Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald love to keep fans updated on what is going on with their families. They both have two boys each, so there always seems to be something happening. The girls took to social media recently to share a couple of tidbits about their little men. One is sick and the other one is famished.

On Saturday, Jill posted an Instagram photo of her holding her youngest baby, Samuel. He is sleeping like a little angel, but he does have somewhat of a grimace on his face. His mama explained what was going on with her little guy. He is apparently at that age where he is getting his molars in and that can be quite painful for babies. In addition to that, Jill also said that he is sick. She didn't say whether he had a cold or something else, but having both issues is probably making Samuel quite uncomfortable and cranky.

"This #poorlittlefella is cutting molars and sick! So sad when they're not feeling well but glad he's getting a nap!" the 27-year-old Duggar daughter wrote on her Instagram.

Samuel's older brother, Israel, was nowhere to be found in the snapshot. His dad, Derick Dillard, may have been taking care of him while his mom tended to her youngest. Since it was a Saturday, Derick most likely was not in school at the time. The Dillards had recently made the announcement that he was attending law school at the University of Arkansas. He will be quite busy and not home as often as he was over the summer to help Jill out.

There was a different scenario in the Seewald household. Jessa took to her Instagram on Sunday to share a short video of her older son, Spurgeon, munching on some toast. It was made with a healthy sprouted grain version called Ezekiel bread. The little guy was enjoying his breakfast so much that he couldn't even speak when his mom asked him if he liked his toast. He did manage to shake his curly head as he took small bites of the bread.

The mom-of-two is known for giving her boys plenty of fun adventures such as jumping in mud puddles and giving them a box to play in for hours. Spurgeon and Henry seem to be happy boys. Unfortunately, Jessa gets mom-shamed quite often over some of the photos she posts, especially over Spurgeon still wearing diapers and sucking on a bottle. However, she snaps back at them nicely by explaining her logic in what she does or doesn't do.

Duggar fans also seem to be waiting to see which sister will have their third baby next. Ben and Jessa have talked about adopting a child, so that could be their next step to growing their family, but no definite plans have yet to be publicly revealed. Stay tuned for more updates coming from the Duggar girls.