WWE News: Big Cass Changes His Name Again, Talks Past WWE Mistakes: 'I Would Have Fired Myself For Sure'

On June 19, 2018, the WWE released Big Cass, a wrestler who once had a promising career in the company. Reportedly, Big Cass had a lot of backstage heat, and he had personal conduct issues during a WWE European tour. His drama with the WWE seemingly climaxed during a SmackDown episode in May, where he reportedly ignored instructions from Vince McMahon. Big Cass was involved in a feud with Daniel Bryan during that time, and on that May episode of SmackDown, the former WWE wrestler had a spot with a little person that was dressed as Daniel Bryan.

The spot required Cass to deliver a big boot to the little person, and reportedly, the former WWE wrestler asked Vince if he could also attack the Daniel-Bryan-like character after delivering the big boot. As Wrestling Inc. reported, rumor has it that McMahon told Cass that the boot would be enough, and to not continue attacking the little person after the spot.

However, after the big boot was delivered, Cass delivered numerous punches to the little person's head, and after his feud with Daniel Bryan concluded, Cass was let go from the company. The wrestler's 90-day no-compete clause is almost up, and he's set to wrestle for Big Time Wrestling on September 21.

Initially, Big Cass, a name that is trademarked by the WWE, was going to go by Big Cazz for the Big Time Wrestling event, but the wrestler once again recently changed his stage name. After it was announced that Cass was going to be called Cazz, the former WWE superstar was roasted by fans on social media. Many people feel that this is the reason why he has once again changed his ring name.
His new wrestling moniker is Big C, and most fans feel that this is better than Big Cazz.Recently, Big C was a guest on Heated Conversations. The wrestler revealed on Heated Conversations that the WWE did the right thing by firing him, as Wrestling Inc. transcribed.
"I made a lot of mistakes in a very short period of time. I did some thing that I shouldn't have done. I guess the company couldn't rely on me and couldn't trust me. Look, I'll just be honest with you, in my opinion they made the right decision for them. It was the right decision to get rid of me at that point in time…If I was in Vince McMahon's position, I would have fired myself for sure, one-hundred percent."
Big C also said that there's a whole world of professional wrestling outside of the WWE that he looks forward to discovering, but that he hopes to return to World Wrestling Entertainment in the future.