Netflix Anime Coming This September 2018

Netflix has a few new anime coming out this September. The list includes Last Hope (Jushinki Pandora), Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan, Forest of the Piano (Piano no Mori), and Lost Song.

#1. Last Hope Part 1 (Streaming Date: September 14, 2018)

This anime will come out in two parts. The first part will come out this month and the second will be available on Netflix by December 2018, according to AnimeUKNews. In Last Hope, humans are almost extinct due to the Xianglong Crisis -- aka Shanron or Soaring Dragon Crisis -- in which the Quantum Reactor, holding unknown energy, exploded.

The catastrophic event leads to the evolution of B.R.A.I or Biological Revolutionary of Accelerated Intelligence entities. B.R.A.I are a threat to humanity. Humans defend themselves with M.O.E.V or Multi-purpose Organic Evolution Vehicle variable units. The anime follows Leon, who lives in Neo Xianglong, years after the explosion. Leon, along with his companion, Chloe Lau, try to find a new way to fight the B.R.A.I.

#2. Dragon Pilot: Hisone and Masotan (Streaming Date: September 21, 2018)

This anime follows Hisone Amakasu, a rookie at Air Self-Defence Force. A dragon picks Amakasu to be his pilot at the Gifu Air Base, reported The Daily Dot. Anime fans could expect some cool action scenes and a whole loy of tension in this upcoming release.

#3. Forest of Piano or Piano no Mori Season 1 (Streaming Date September 18, 2018)

This anime follows Kai and Shuhei, who experienced drastically differently childhoods but are brought together by music. Kai's mother is a prostitute. He practices on the piano he finds in the forest. Meanwhile, Shuhei is from a family of well-known pianists and was raised playing the piano. The two boys meet and bond over their love of the instrument.

#4: Lost Song (September 28, 2018)

This anime tells the tale of Rin and Finis. Both girls have a rare power, identified as the power of song. Their unique ability has the power to heal and control elements like wind and water. Rin lives in a lush village, while Finis spends her days deep within the royal palace. Despite this, however, the two girls meet and embark on a journey to save the kingdom from the shadow of war with the help of their songs.

Netflix has been making strides with its anime collection, even adding big titles like My Hero Academia and Tokyo Ghoul. The streaming service's original anime list is beginning to gain traction as well, specifically Netflix's Devilman Crybaby. No Netflix original anime are coming out in August, so fans will have to wait until next month.