Most Bingeworthy Shows To Watch This Labor Day

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

It’s Labor Day, a day where American workers celebrate by taking the day off. Thanks to the labor movement, the day is now free to fill with excellent television. Here’s what to binge.


Criminal Minds

In a nation obsessed with true crime, the CBS classic is a perfect choice. There’s 13 seasons, oodles of characters, and tons of criminal profiling. Watch it, then listen to CaseFile.


The second season of GLOW dropped last month, and if you haven’t seen it, Labor Day is the perfect time. Enjoy your day off while the ladies of GLOW have campy, heartwarming fun.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

It’s not a show, it’s a movie. Nonetheless, if you watch it at least four times, it’s almost like bingeing a full season. This charming tale features Lara Jean, five love letters, and the internet’s new boyfriend, Noah Centineo. It’s sweet, funny, and has a great soundtrack.

Dear White People

The themes of the film are explored more deeply in the television version. A must-watch.


Sharp Objects

The book is incredible, and so is the show. Watch Amy Adams deal with trauma and solve a mystery. It’s got twists and turns and suspense. It will keep you entertained and give you an excuse to avoid the sun.

The Sopranos

What better way to support the American worker than going back in time to America’s hardest working crime family?


Boy Meets World


This classic TGIF sitcom really holds up. Though it’s re-run on cable often, you can also catch the whole crew on Hulu. Perfect if you have kids; there’s something for the whole family in this show featuring Cory Matthews navigating school, friends, and girls.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Truly, a show about labor and labor. The strange dystopian society depicted in the show might make you appreciate returning to your hopefully normal-by-comparison day job.

Amazon Prime

Hollywood Darlings

This sweet, fun PopTV original is available for practically pennies on Amazon and well worth it for a good dose of nostalgia. It stars Jodie Sweetin (Stephanie on Full House), Christine Lakin (Al from Step by Step) and Beverley Mitchell (Lucy from 7th Heaven) as versions of themselves. The three women navigate being grown up child stars with humor, wit, and bite. Favorite ’90s guest stars: Andrew Keegan, Will Friedle.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Gilmore Girls creator Amy Sherman-Palladino has another winner with this charming series about a woman navigating the 1960’s stand-up comedy scene.