'Big Brother' Host Julie Chen Gives Faysal Shafaat Backhanded Compliment

Each week after the live eviction, Big Brother host Julie Chen sits down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the houseguests and their actions in the previous week. The longtime host of the show had plenty to say about evicted houseguest Faysal Shafaat and his questionable decisions during his time on the show. Julie even threw a backhanded compliment his way regarding his gameplay.

When asked about Faysal's strategy throughout the season, Julie didn't hold anything back.

"There is a saying I sometimes like to use: God doesn't always give with two hands. Faysal is a case of that. He got the looks… but not exactly the brains. Nice guy though — just naive and too trusting. I mean, come on! It's Big Brother. Trust No One," she said.

Faysal has constantly been ripped apart on social media for his poor gameplay, despite thinking he was doing a phenomenal job himself. His biggest gaffe was putting one of his last alliance members, Scottie Salton, on the block during his HOH reign. Scottie ultimately ended up going home, but recently re-entered the house in the Jury Battle Back competition.

After being eliminated from the game this past Thursday, Faysal and Scottie reunited at the Battle Back and the two shared a hug where Faysal apologized for being an idiot.

Faysal evicted on BB20
CBS | Sonja Flemming

Entertainment Weekly also inquired about Faysal's exit interview with Julie, where he wouldn't admit if he would have used the POV on himself or his showmance partner, Haleigh Broucher, if he had won.

"Well, the fact that he didn't answer tells me he would've used it on himself but didn't want to sound like a jerk and yet he didn't want to lie. Plus, it would've been in line with all his other bad moves in the game. He wasn't bright enough to see that Haleigh would've had a better chance at winning than him," Julie admitted.

Julie Chen interviews Faysal Shafaat
CBS | Sonja Flemming

Julie's critique of Faysal's gameplay is by far the harshest of the season, although she hasn't had nice things to say about Angela Rummans either. Julie has labeled the houseguest a "mean girl," which has permeated throughout social media.

When it came to her thoughts on Scottie being back in the house, Julie doesn't believe the virgin has much of a chance since the numbers are stacked against him. She feels his only shot at making it in the house is if he wins competitions.

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