WWE News: Seth Rollins Talks Being 'CrossFit Jesus,' Reveals His Most Memorable WWE Match, And More

Seth Rollins is one of the most over superstars in the WWE, and his popularity seemingly increases each week on Monday Night Raw. Seth Rollins recently won the WWE Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam, and the next night on Raw, "The Kingslayer" reunited with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns to reform The Shield. The WWE recently toured Shanghai, China, and The Shield wowed the live crowd. Time Out Shanghai recently spoke with Seth Rollins during the WWE tour, and he spoke about being the "CrossFit Jesus," and he revealed the most memorable moment of his illustrious career.

In regard to touring Shanghai, "The Kingslayer" said that it's his second time in the city, and that everyone was very hospitable. Rollins said that he was looking forward to performing in front of a brand-new crowd, as the WWE is still fresh to the Chinese market. He described wrestling in the city as a fresh experience for both the consumers and the WWE superstars.

From "The Architect" to "The Kingslayer," Seth Rollins has a acquired a few different nicknames throughout his career, including one given to him by his fans, "CrossFit Jesus."

Seth Rollins told Time Out Shanghai how that nickname came about.
"My proclivity for posting CrossFit videos on social media along with my striking resemblance to the English action version of Jesus Christ combined to somehow create this hilarious 'CrossFit Jesus' nickname. I have some T-shirts with 'CrossFit Jesus' on them. It's a good time."
"The Kingslayer" also revealed to Time Out Shanghai what his most memorable match has been in the WWE thus far. Rollins said that he has had many awesome matches with great opponents in the WWE, but for him, it always comes back to WrestleMania 31. Seth explained to Time Out why WrestleMania 31 is so special to him.
"I was able to cash in a Money in the Bank contract in the middle of the main event and walk out of one of our biggest events as the World Heavyweight Champion. From a kid who had a dream to leave WrestleMania as a world champion, to actually do that with the fireworks going off. For me that's a moment that always stands out."
Along with his fellow Shield brothers, Seth Rollins is currently involved in a feud with Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, and Braun Strowman. The six superstars are set to square off in a six-man tag team match at WWE Super Show-Down in Australia on October 6.