Emily Ratajkowski Goes Full Underboob On Instagram, Then Rides Segway In Barely-There Bikini On The Beach

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski is perhaps as well known for her racy Instagram posts as for her roles in films such as I Feel Pretty and Gone Girl. This week, she seemed to outdo herself with an Instagram shot that didn't show her face, but revealed plenty of her "underboob," as well as her knees as she reclined on a California beach.

The 27-year-old DKNY spokesmodel "remind(ed) her fans she has the best bikini body in the business" with the revealing beach photos, which displayed her "incredibly toned stomach and a hint of her underboob," according to a story in the Daily Mail.

"Although appearing to be topless, Emily was wearing a leopard print G-string bottoms that were camouflaged to her tanned skin. With her toned legs split apart, two of her friends were pictured walking back from the shore," the outlet wrote.

She appeared to be on the vacation with her husband, indie film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard. According to Harper's Bazaar, Bear-McClard is currently looking to make the leap into the Hollywood big time by producing a remake of the classic 1982 action comedy, 48 Hours, which originally starred Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy.

Check out Ratajkowski's attention-grabbing underboob Instagram shot, below.

The fashion site StyleCaster also gave its take on the Ratajkowski underboob shot, commenting that the photo came "in the form of what we know as a 'hot dogs or legs' pic. It's a photo shot over your stomach and legs while lying down with your knees in the air. The main subjects of the photo are EmRata's two best friends, making the trek back up to their towels from the ocean. But the other main subject of the photo is a whole bunch of left-side underboob."

The site had some questions about the shot as well.

"A) How is it even possible that her chest is perky enough to capture that underboob whilst lying down? B) Did she capture it on purpose? (If we could, we would.) C) It cannot feel natural to hold a camera at that angle. Or… does it?"
But the underboob shot wasn't the end of Ratajkowski's vacation Instagram adventure. Tying her bikini top back in place, she boarded a Segway, the two-wheeled, self-balancing transportation device that became briefly popular in the 2000s, as the Daily Telegraph explained.
Also on the vacation with Ratajkowski was her friend, Josh Ostrovsky, the 36-year-old social media branding specialist. Ostrovsky calls himself "The Fat Jew," as he once explained to Inc. magazine. Ostrivsky could be seen carrying the rail-thin Ratajkowski over his shoulder in other Instagram photos.