'Big Brother' Fans Rally Around Tyler Crispen After Perez Hilton Labels Him A Homophobe

To enter the Big Brother house is to subject yourself to scrutiny in the real world while you're obliviously playing the game. Every year dirt is dug up on the houseguests competing in the popular CBS reality competition series including criminal pasts, embarrassing photos or videos, and this time around, questionable tweets.

An embarrassing video involving JC Mounduix and a Despicable Me minion surfaced just after the game started, while Faysal Shafaat's mugshot was also widespread across Twitter a few weeks into the show. Now, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has dug up tweets from Tyler Crispen's past where he uses inappropriate language. In the tweets from 2012, Tyler can be seen calling another Twitter user a "f*****." Tyler uses the word several times in the six-year-old tweets, and Perez has labeled him a "homophobe" online.

Perez tweeted screenshots of Tyler's tweets where he uses the slur, and also called him an "idiot" in addition to a "homophobe." Despite his efforts to get Big Brother fans to turn on Tyler, just the opposite has happened. The BB fandom on Twitter is defending Tyler, not necessarily for the use of the word, but because he was a young man when he sent out those tweets.

Tyler Crispin of BB20
CBS | Sonja Flemming

Now 23-years-old, Tyler would have been seventeen when he sent out the tweets, a young naive age. The Hilton Head lifeguard has been extremely close with Kaycee Clark in the house as well as JC who are both openly gay. JC was also recently caught kissing Tyler while he slept while caressing his body but CBS said after producers questioned Tyler about it, Tyler said he didn't feel assaulted or uncomfortable at all.

"What kind of mistakes did you make in 2012? He knows better now and has actively encouraged others to be more cautious with their language. He's not that guy," one fan tweeted in response to Perez.

"His roommate is gay. Im sure he doesnt care. Alot of people i know say thay word but has nothing to do with that," another tweeted.

Members of the gay community also spoke up in defense of Tyler.

"Such a reach. As a gay woman, I have come to realize that there was a time when people just weren't educated, plain and simple. And there is a time is every young persons life where they don't understand how their word affect others. People learn and grow. Let's celebrate that," a viewer tweeted.

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