The Top 5 Sexiest Cosplays At Dragon Con 2018 On Instagram

The 2018 Dragon Con has been one of most successful galas since the convention kicked off in 1987. As always, this year has risen to new heights with traditional events such as the Bunny Hutch party, as reported by the Inquisitr, and numerous panels covering everything any hardcore geek or nerd could want in a long weekend, include partying hard. As has been the case for better than a decade, a lot of the panels, parties, and the parade, have been documented on Dragon TV, or by attendees who have been blogging every possible event and uploading photos to the web so everyone can see how cool it's been.

For anyone who ever wanted to see John Barrowman sporting a bad bleach job for a role he's working, there's photos of it. If someone wanted to see Peter Capaldi look surprised over and over again, there's pictures of it. And most of all, if anyone wanted to see some of the best and sexiest cosplay in the world, Instagram is loaded with it.

Cindyrella is always a favorite at the cons, and on social media, not just because she is a sexy cosplayer, but because she is an excellent cosplayer. She went next level with her World of Warcraft cosplay this year and it looked like she stepped out of the game ready to to go. The vestments of faith are spot on and she completely sells the role.

"This is Sparta!" It's not just the ladies that are sexy at Dragon Con, as these 300 cosplayers prove. Okay, they have had a little prosthetic help getting those ripped abs, but check out how well they sell the look. The sandals, the thongs, the capes -- it makes for a very hot collection of warriors that could take down the God-King Xerxes anytime.Tiara Bree may be a Dragon Con rookie, but she went all out with her cosplay and it shows that she has big things ahead of her if she wants to take it to a higher level. She put this outfit together herself, and hands down she has pulled off one of the sexiest cosplays at Dragon Con 2018. She already has buzz going from fans wondering what she will do next year.
Hannah has gone second level with her Black Canary cosplay, striking the perfect balance between beauty and power. She gets bonus points for the hair being on point, and she strikes a fighting pose like she's been taking down anyone who dares to cross her path for years.
It's not Dragon Con until a slave girl Leia has entered the building, and this one along with her sexy companions makes for an awesome trio to round out the top 5 sexiest Dragon Con cosplays for 2018 on Instagram. Thanks to all of the people who cosplayed, supported the art, and made cosplaying so much fun for everyone this year. There is still a day to go at Dragon Con, and even if it may not be the busiest day, it is worth getting downtown for it or keeping tabs online.