Melania Trump Reportedly Thinks 2020 Re-Election Is 'Worst-Case Scenario,' Could Divorce Donald If He Wins

Melania Trump is longing to leave the White House as soon as possible and could even divorce Donald if he books another four years as president, a new report claims.

The first lady has taken an increasingly public stance in recent months, launching an anti-cyberbullying campaign and leading holiday services. But a source told Hollywood Life that Melania actually hates the spotlight and is dreading the idea of her husband being re-elected. She would even consider divorcing him if he were to win, the report noted.

The source claimed that Melania has been preparing for her life after the White House and the possibility that she will divorce her husband, though she hasn't come to any final decision yet. Right now, her biggest concern is finding the best setting for their son, Barron Trump.

"Melania is thinking about where would be the safest place to live for her and Barron and how she will enjoy a more quiet life," the source said. "Divorce is very much a real option, and Melania is holding her breath until his term is over so she can make all the best decisions about her and Barron's future."

Melania has been facing increasing scrutiny in the White House, especially after her nearly four-week absence from the spotlight earlier this year after what the White House said was a simple kidney operation. By the end, there was a near-daily tracker about when Melania would be seen again, which she eventually did weeks later.

Divorce would likely be a more likely option if Donald Trump were to win re-election in 2020, the report noted. Melania Trump reportedly wants out of the spotlight and the embarrassment she has felt through her husband's indiscretions, including two affairs he reportedly had after Barron was born that led to hush money payments in 2016.

There have been a number of reports hinting that Melania Trump may be considering divorce. Former White House adviser Omarosa Manigault Newman opened up about the first couple's marriage after her departure from the Trump administration, saying she believes Melania will divorce Donald at the first chance she gets.

"In my opinion, Melania is counting every minute until he is out of office and she can divorce him," according to Express.

That would seem to dovetail with the latest Hollywood Life report claiming that Melania Trump may divorce Donald if he wins re-election. For their part, neither Donald nor Melania have spoken publicly about the divorce rumors.