Ariana Grande's Aretha Franklin Funeral Dress Raises Eyebrows

As those who followed Aretha Franklin's funeral know, Ariana Grande stepped up to honor the Queen of Soul by performing "Natural Woman" during the ceremony. The singer donned a cute black mini dress. Unfortunately for the 25-year-old pop sensation, her performance and choice in attire have gotten a lot of media attention – and not in a good way.

According to People, Grande's questionable choice in funeral attire left many of her fans a bit baffled. Moreover, Ariana has also been in the headlines after many believed Bishop Charles H. Ellis III – the pastor officiating – groped her inappropriately during the funeral, as previously reported by Inquisitr.

The combination of Ariana's choice in funeral dress and the pastor's alleged inappropriate touching has caused a bit of a firestorm on social media as some have even speculated whether the pastor would have groped her if she had been dressed appropriately.

While Daily Mail argues Bill Clinton was "very impressed" with Ariana's choice in funeral attire as he was photographed appearing to gawk at the young singer during her performance; some have also argued he wouldn't have had anything to gawk at if she had dressed appropriately.

In total, there appear to be three different arguments to this social media firestorm:

  • Some believe her dress was inappropriate, but the pastor had no right to touch her
  • Some believe her dress was inappropriate and she provoked the touching
  • Some believe she should be able to wear whatever she wants
Regardless of if the pastor did or did not touch Ariana inappropriately and Bill did or did not gawk at the singer, Twitter is exploding with individuals giving their thoughts on the dress.

Reverend R. L. Kemp took to Twitter to say that while he agreed what the pastor did was wrong, he felt that Ariana was just as much to blame.

"Women know just what they are doing when they wear a short mini black dress," Kemp explained in his post. "She got what she deserve, attention...and then some."

Not mentioning the incident with the pastor, a second Twitter user was blown away that Ariana thought her dress was an acceptable funeral attire.

"I can't believe Ariana Grande is walking into the house of the lord FOR A FUNERAL in this little a** dress," the user exclaimed in their post.

One Twitter user slammed Ariana for wearing a "cocktail dress" to a funeral.

The same individual also took a jab at the singer's young age, noting she probably doesn't even own any of Aretha's albums.

Many users also slammed Grande for wearing something both "disturbing" and "disrespectful" to the funeral.

Some even took the time to clarify that it was possible to think the pastor's actions were inappropriate and to think Ariana's dress was inappropriate without lumping them both in the same category.

There were also some fans who came to Ariana's defense noting this choice in attire was pretty typical for the singer's style. One user pointed out that Grande was invited to the church to perform and shouldn't have been invited if they didn't like the way she always dressed.

Ultimately, whether Ariana's dress for Aretha Franklin's funeral was inappropriate is a matter of personal opinion. But, that fact hasn't stopped people from going to war over both sides of the argument on social media.