'Vanderpump Rules' Star Lala Kent Is Engaged

Lala Kent broke the news of her recent engagement with a heartfelt Instagram post and an exclusive interview with People.

The Vanderpump Rules star, 28, joined the cast in Season 4. While at first she kept her relationship with boyfriend Randall Emmett, 46, under wraps, referring to him as "her man," on the show at first, they did go public with their relationship in January of 2018. Emmett, a Hollywood producer, finalized his divorce with actress Ambyr Childers in December 2017.

Emmett proposed while the two were on a romantic getaway to celebrate Kent's birthday in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico at the Esperanza An Auberge Resort. The set up to the proposal was thought out carefully. First, Emmett had a screen set up for Kent to view her favorite show, Friends. Then the screen changed and instead began to show photos of the couple and their families, celebrating their time together. When the slideshow ended, Emmett kneeled and proposed. As Kent accepted and Emmett slid the ring onto her finger, a private fireworks display that Emmett had arranged began to go off.

Kent had revealed before their engagement that she knew that Emmett planned to propose at some point.

"Randall had told me that he had asked my dad permission to marry me earlier this year before my father passed away which is such an incredible gift because I lost my dad suddenly. I believe my father was definitely with us last night in spirit, which makes me even happier and our parents are thrilled!" Kent told People.

Kent also described how she knew that her father was with her in spirit and that he too was celebrating her engagement with her. She explained how she could not stop looking down at her ring in awe when she felt a pull to look up at the night sky. When she did, she saw a particularly bright star twinkling down at her that she knew was her father.

"I'm excited to put as much detail as Randall did in our engagement into our wedding!" The bride gushed, excited to begin planning her wedding and new life with her fiance.