Selena Gomez Rocks Pink Sports Bra, Shows Off Her Well-Toned Physique For Puma Ad

Selena Gomez works hard to keep her amazing physique, and the 26-year-old singer had it on display while rocking a pink sports bra in a new ad for a Puma collection called DEFY X SG.

Selena has been the face of Puma's line for some months, and new pictures of the series showed up on Instagram this week showing Gomez in a series of poses showing off the collection. As Hollywood Life noted, the series grabbed some viral attention.

"The brunette beauty showed off different poses for the newest ad and in addition to the bra, she wore a black overcoat and leggings," the report noted. "The new wardrobe choices definitely reflected her fit figure and got us excited for the release of the collection on Sept. 18."

Though she has made her mark mostly as a singer and actress, Selena Gomez has also been building quite the reputation for her modeling work. She has been pegged as the face of a number of campaigns, including two for the luxury line Coach. As People magazine noted, the brand saw Gomez as a perfect fit to pitch the line.

"The Coach girl is real—she's riding the subway or, this season, hanging out in her cool NYC apartment," creative director Stuart Vevers said in a press release for the second Coach campaign that featured Gomez. "Steven Meisel's photography brings a layer of magic to those seemingly everyday situations. Whilst Selena has a warmth that's special—there is also an authenticity and realness to her that brings the campaign to life."

The Puma ad showed off the sportier side of Selena Gomez, while also giving her a chance to show off the toned physique she works so hard to maintain. Gomez maintains a rigid diet and fitness routine, in part to stay on top of her health after a diagnosis of the auto-immune disease lupus.

Selena's trainer, Amy Rosoff Davis, opened up to Byrdie about how they try to find a balance that keeps her in shape while also being sensitive to her body's needs.

"[My first priority when training Selena is] listening to her body—which everyone should do when it comes to working out. Sometimes we just do yoga and stretching, and sometimes we hit it hard. Working out, just like life, should be a balance."

Those who want to check out more pictures from Selena Gomez's Puma series can check them out here.