Gordon Ramsay Offers A Job To A Student With Dwarfism Who Was Denied Admission To Culinary School

Gordon Ramsay has offered a job to a man who wanted to go to culinary school and become a chef, but whose achondroplasia dwarfism is holding him back, Yahoo News is reporting.

The foul-mouthed and short-tempered celebrity chef is famous for being a holy terror. But in real life, he's a giant softie with a giant heart: just ask Louis Makepeace. The 18-year-old British man's application to Worcestershire College's hospitality and catering course was denied because he was deemed a "safety risk." That's because he has achondroplasia dwarfism, the most common form of dwarfism (Little People Big World stars Zach and Amy Roloff have the same form of dwarfism).

"It was really upsetting as I had my heart set on this course. We are supposed to have equality of opportunity yet I'm not allowed to do something I love doing."
Makepeace says the experience has been "humiliating" for him.
"All the time I was at school I was always very confident, I had lots of friends and my disability was never an issue. But how am I supposed to get by if this is how I'm treated – I feel like I have been excluded from the real world."
Gordon Ramsay was having absolutely none of that. When he heard about Louis' story, he took to Twitter to offer the young man an internship in any of his restaurants in England.
Ramsay knows what it's like to have the odds stacked against him. Born into poverty in Scotland, Ramsay lived with a violent, abusive, alcoholic father, moving around from here to there throughout his childhood.

Now that the story of Louis' plight has made international headlines, a representative for the Heart of Worcestershire College was quick to give the college's side of the story to the media. The representative clarified that Louis' admission hasn't so much been denied as that his application is "under review" as the school tries to determine what accommodations can be made for him.

"We would like to state that at no point has Louis been told he could not attend his course but both Louis and Mrs. Makepeace have been informed that the adjustments Louis requires will need to be agreed before an unconditional offer can be given."
As of this writing, it's not clear if Ramsay's people have made contact with Louis to actually get the ball rolling on getting Louis his job in a Ramsay kitchen.