'Bold And The Beautiful' Recap Friday, August 31: Hope Clutches Stomach In Pain, Steffy Still Loves Liam

Bold and the Beautiful recap for Friday, August 31 features Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Liam (Scott Clifton) keeping vigil after the fever scare Kelly (Gabriel Sporman) gave them. The doctor confirms, via phone, that they don't need to bring her in now that her fever is down and her parents are glad that her health is improving. She Knows Soaps reports that Steffy then makes a surprising admission that she still loves Liam. She feels that Kelly needs to see that she still has feelings for her father. She then muses that if Bill hadn't manipulated the situation, things could have worked out for the two of them as a family.

Bill (Don Diamont) is furious that Katie (Heather Tom) has decided to file for sole custody. He says that she will always regret this because of the effect it may have on Will (Finnegan George). He wants to know if she would consider just sorting it out between the two of them. However, Katie says that Will feels rejected because of Bill's own actions despite her trying her best to make it work with him. She says that Will feels rejected. Bill feels that Thorne (Ingo Rademacher) interfered, but Katie insists that she made this decision by herself in Will's best interest.

At Forrester Creations, two models have heard that Thorne is dating someone. Ridge confirms that Ridge is no longer single. Later, Carter arrives and informs them that Katie signed the papers. He tells them about Bill's reaction and Thorne vows that he will protect Katie and Will.

Bold and the Beautiful recap states that Brooke and her daughter talk about her feelings towards Liam, Steffy, and Kelly. Hope says that she trusts Liam and that Steffy has made it clear that she is moving on with her life. However, Brooke wants to know how she really feels. Hope admits that she sometimes feels frustrated. B&B fans know that Liam is split between his two families and constantly moves from the one to the other. However, Hope is optimistic that everything will work out. Brooke is glad for her daughter.

Hope returned to the cabin where it seems she and Liam are living. BB viewers know that she just had the ultrasound with Dr. Phillips (Robin Givens) the previous day. She stares at the ultrasound photo of their unborn baby and she flashes back to the day she first told Liam that she was pregnant, and then to their wedding. In the midst of all these happy memories, Hope suddenly doubles over in pain. She clutches at her stomach and screams, "Oh my God!"
It seems as if the newest Spencer baby may be in trouble. B&B spoilers for Monday, September 3 point to Hope and Liam rushing to the hospital. Don't forget to tune in to Bold and the Beautiful on CBS to find out if Hope and the baby make it.