Olivia Culpo Shows Off Toned Legs On Jamaica Beach

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For the past few days, Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012 has found herself in one of the most stunning places in the galaxy: Jamaica. Four days ago, she posted a video of a softly-colored beach, and revealed that she was going to be staying there for three weeks while she filmed a movie. Since then, she’s posted several photos of her and her family having fun in the sun.

Even her sisters, Aurora and Sophia, paid her a visit, bringing her nephew, Remi, along for the ride. The little baby was pictured between the three sisters in an adorable group hug, and Olivia remarked that the would miss Remi’s “chubby cheeks and one sided dimple” once he was gone.

“You guys are OK too,” she added in regards to her sisters. There’s nothing quite like sisterly love.

Just recently, Olivia posted an update to her Jamaican adventure. Like her previous photos, she’s sticking to white outfits, and showing off her sun-kissed skin. This outfit was a little more casual, with a white tee and distressed denim shorts. Paired with white sneakers, she’s the picture of beach-casual. The ensemble is far from plain, though, with several gold bracelets, hoop earrings, and a gold pendant by Jennifer Fisher Jewelry.

Have some days off in Negril Jamaica! What’s something fun we can do?

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She asked her followers what she should do during her days off, and the answers were obvious: Frolic on the beach, have a fruity drink, and enjoy the scenery. A couple of fans also recommended cliff-jumping, though we’re not quite sure if Culpo is a thrill-seeker in that respect. Regardless, she should enjoy the sun and fresh air before she gets back to filming.

While the two previous films Olivia appeared in didn’t do too well — with I Feel Pretty and Reprisal both getting below three-star ratings — we’re hoping this film is more well-received by audiences. It hasn’t been revealed exactly what she’s doing, but we know it’s been exciting. According to the Daily Times, she even injured her toe at some point.

Her adventures also included a photoshoot in 100 degree weather, a hike through the jungle, and a slow climb down a ladder to reach the river below. She’s been broadcasting many of her adventures through her Instagram story, so fans can follow along and see Jamaica for themselves.

Fans of Culpo’s work also have Model Squad to look forward to, which will be debuting in a matter of days. People reports that Culpo is in the lineup for the docu-series, which features several models getting ready for runway season. It’s estimated that Culpo will still be abroad when the series makes its big splash, but we can expect constant updates from her Instagram.