GOP Official Carla Maloney, Who Called NFL Players 'Baboons,' Has Resigned

Facebook posts, tweets, and other statements made via social media can have lasting impacts on the careers of people across all types of professions. From artists to politicians, social media posts can come back to haunt the people who make them. As James Gunn recently learned, Twitter is even grounds to be fired from directing a major motion picture. The filmmaker was recently ejected from directing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 when his controversial tweets resurfaced nearly a decade after they were originally made.

According to a report from Newsweek. Carla Maloney is now joining James Gunn in learning social media lessons the hard way.

The Secretary of the Republican Committee Of Beaver County, Pennsylvania recently made Facebook posts insulting NFL players under the name of Carla Belich Fueller.

On Friday morning, the GOP official resigned from her position on the Republican Committee after admitting to posting racially insensitive comments to Facebook. In her statement, she expressed regret about the incident.

"Those that know me know that I come from a diverse family that represents modern America. I know I am a better person than this and, as I step away from these public positions. From the bottom of my heart, I again apologize for my remarks, my poor taste, and the problems they have caused."
Officials from the Republican Committee in Beaver County did confirm the posts were made by Maloney prior to her assuming the role as an official Republican secretary.

Getty Images | Otto Greule Jr
In 2017, politics found its way onto NFL football stadiums across the country.

In her posts, she referred to NFL players as "ignorant blacks" and elaborated her point of view that players for the Pittsburgh Steelers were "just as bad as the rest of the over paid baboons," adding "Let's see how the baboons get paid when white people stop paying their salaries."

She also predicted an incoming civil war fueled by an ongoing racial divide in the country.

Carla Moloney's comments likely stem from 2017, when President Donald Trump blasted NFL players choosing to protest racism among law enforcement by kneeling during the national anthem. Trump has called upon the NFL to fire such players, causing a major debate in the United States around player's rights to protest.

The feud between Trump and the NFL has led to issues with Papa John's CEO and the Papa John's company and dominated news headlines for weeks. Alongside Papa John's and motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson, the NFL has become yet another unlikely enemy for many Republican voters, who are voicing their intentions to boycott such companies since the election of Donald Trump.