Jennifer Garner Channels Her Inner Kardashian For Non-Traditional Swimsuit Selfie

Jennifer Garner is at it again. She has quite the sense of humor, as her social media postings have indicated. Her latest one will have you laughing right along with her as she humorously bids the summer goodbye.

No one wants to see summer go, but Garner says farewell to the hot season in her own unique way. The 46-year-old mom-of-three shared a photo of herself on her Instagram standing in front of a swimming pool. She is seen wearing a dark blue swimsuit with a pair of matching goggles protecting her eyes. She is striking quite the pose for the camera for her newest selfie. She may even be doing her best Kardashian impression. She said in her caption, "You really get me, summertime. I'm sorry to see you go."

Garner is posing makeup free with her hair damp from the pool water. She looks like she is trying to get her sexy on. Her fans are loving her natural look, and also her humor. One person said in the comment section, "@jennifer.garner and I thought I couldn't love you any more...[heart emoji]." Others said that they really love how un-Hollywood she seems to be.

Some may wonder just how Jennifer Garner can keep her humorous side when her life has recently been filled with drama, thanks to Ben Affleck's latest trip to rehab. The Alias actress had apparently driven him to a rehab center in Malibu to get treatment for his alcohol addiction. He has battled the bottle off and on through the years and is now seeking help once again. Garner has been there for Ben, despite the two being officially divorced now. Affleck is still important in her life, as they are raising their three children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

Jen has been a busy girl with not only raising her children, but she has also co-founded a new baby food line called Once Upon a Farm. As previosuly reported by the Inquisitr, she braved a Kroger supermarket in Cincinnati, Ohio, in an effort to get customers to try a spoonful of the product. Unfortunately, not many seemed to take the bait at all. At least she did her best to sell it, as seen in the funny clip.

The actress is currently starring in a new film, Peppermint, in which she portrays Riley North, a strong female who is seeking revenge after her husband and daughter were killed in a drive-by shooting. It is expected to be quite an action-packed film. It hits theaters on September 7.