Hilaria Baldwin Shows Us How To Do Squats In Tight-Fitting Dress And Heels

hilaria baldwin
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Hilaria Balwin is dedicated to keeping herself fit, and has taken it upon herself to keep us in shape too. As a yoga instructor, she knows all the tips and tricks to keep people’s figures in top shape. From stretches, exercises, and even on-the-go workouts, she’s been putting out demonstrations on Instagram to help her fans and followers.

We know they work, because she’s still trim and healthy even after four children, one of whom was born less than five months ago. Carmen, 5, Rafael, 3, Leonardo, 2, and baby Romeo are her number one priorities, but she still stays on top of her workout routine. Even if this requires doing exercises in heels and tight dresses.

In her most recent video, Hilaria does squats along to groovy music. Despite her close-fitting, black polka-dot dress, she manages to pull off perfect form. Even her high-heeled black pumps aren’t a problem, and she keeps her legs and back straight as she dips down. According to her caption, this exercise can be done anywhere, in literally anything.

This serves as the perfect reminder that your workouts aren’t limited to jogging or weight-lifting. Hilaria is great at coming up with alternative workouts, whether that involves stretching on the bedroom floor or bathroom yoga poses.

Hilaria tends to forego “workout clothes” in her videos, preferring to opt for underwear, or in this case, a cocktail dress. According to the Daily Times, this is to show proper form for viewers that want an accurate depiction of the exercise.

Whether that’s true or not, she’s definitely not shy about her fit figure. Then again, after giving birth to four children, being able to bounce back so well is something she should be proud of — and it’s definitely inspiring for other mothers. She’s in top shape, and it shows in all of her workouts.

According to People, working out regularly actually helped her during her pregnancies, too. She didn’t stop exercising while carrying her kids, and continued working out after the births.

“I’m fit before pregnancy, I stay as fit as I can during pregnancy, and that I think has allowed me to have pretty great labors, deliveries and recovery.”

In fact, having children made her more confident about her body and how she works out.

“It’s not the same, but I feel a little bit more feminine and a little bit more capable. I feel like I know myself better. Going through that experience, you learn yourself from the inside out in a whole different way.”