Melania Trump Appalled At Husband's 'Petty' Reaction To John McCain's Passing, 'Hollywood Life' Reports

Count Melania Trump among those angry at Donald for how he handled the passing of John McCain.

A new report claims that the first lady is appalled at how the president reacted to the death of the Arizona Senator, whom he had frequently mocked. As Hollywood Life reported, Melania Trump was upset that her husband could not swallow his pride and release a statement praising McCain's sacrifices to the nation and the impact he had on the political landscape.

Trump clashed often with McCain, even mocking the senator for being captured in Vietnam and even continuing his attacks after McCain had been diagnosed with cancer. There was some hope that Trump might put away the feud after McCain's death from an aggressive form of brain cancer, but instead the president reportedly shot down plans to issue a statement praising McCain after his death, instead releasing a short statement on Twitter offering condolences to his family.

Trump was also criticized for only keeping the White House flag at half-mast for a single day, though he reversed course and lowered it again amid widespread criticism from veterans groups.

The reactions did not sit well with Melania, the report noted.

"Donald's pettiness and ability to hold a grudge are probably the characteristics Melania dislikes the most about him," a source told the celebrity news outlet. "Donald thinks it makes him appear strong when he never wavers and always holds firm in his opinion, but she believes the exact opposite and thinks the way he handled the John McCain situation is the perfect example."

The source went on to say that Melania wishes Donald "swallowed his pride and acted in a much more gracious manner," but she knew that was "just not something Donald will ever do."

"It's funny because what he sees as being strong, she sees as being petty and insecure," the source said. "Melania believes Donald would be perceived in a much better light if he was willing to admit to his mistakes occasionally. She thinks he handled the McCain situation appallingly, and his reaction showed him to be petty and insecure."

Prior to his death, McCain had reportedly passed along wishes that Donald Trump not attend his funeral, and the president obliged. On Saturday morning, as politicians from across the political spectrum gathered to honor McCain at his funeral, Trump went golfing at his company's course in Virginia and tweeted attacks against Canada.