OC Lawyer Spews Racist Stereotypes Of Asians To Mock ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Movie

"My sucker Caucasian male lawyer friends who married Asian women were completely poached for dollars."

Christina Ignatius / Instagram

"My sucker Caucasian male lawyer friends who married Asian women were completely poached for dollars."

Christina Ignatius, a personal-injury attorney in Orange County, California, is being slammed online after spouting racist stereotypes and slurs against Asians while mocking the hit film Crazy Rich Asians.

Ignatius, who calls herself “Tenacious Ignatius” on social media, tutors students who want to go to law school. A large chunk of her clientele are Asian-American students who pay for her help to get admitted to law school.

‘Rice Rockets’ Who Can’t Drive

In screenshots captured by Yahoo, Ignatius complains about the Asian-Americans in Orange County, referring to them as “rice rockets” who can’t drive.

Ignatius also dismisses all the Asians in her hometown, saying they want to be doctors or lawyers. And if they can’t do that, their overly-ambitious “Tiger Moms” nag their kids to marry doctors or lawyers.

“Then if they were not smart enough to become a doctor, ‘marry docta.’ If they didn’t marry a doctor, they were encouraged to marry a lawyer,” Ignatius wrote in a deleted Facebook post.

Ignatius says all her white friends who married Asian women got suckered. “Yes, my sucker Caucasian male lawyer friends who married Asian women were completely poached for dollars and earning potential,” she wrote.

  Facebook screenshot

Christina Ignatius lamented that there’s no getting away from those annoying Asians because — lo and behold! — Asians like to travel too.

“If you thought you could get away from them for a hot second and go on vacation to Yosemite, think again,” Ignatius wrote. ‘They came in huge buses and stood in front of each waterfall to give the peace sign in their selfies. From one annoying thing to another, welcome the Asians!”


Christina Ignatius later issued a tepid apology, saying she didn’t mean to be racist with her stereotypes and said she was confused by the backlash.

“Apparently it was so provocative that it was considered abuse,” Ignatius later posted. “I had no idea that talking about stereotypes would be so provocative.”

‘I Really Love Asians’

Ignatius added, “By the way, I do not hate Asians. I really love them and I find differences to be funny and interesting.”

Christina Ignatius’ anti-Asian racism mirrors that of Michigan state congresswoman Bettie Cook Scott told voters in her district, “You don’t need to vote for that ching-chong.”

Cook was referring to her Asian-American opponent, Rep. Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit), as the Inquisitr previously reported.

Multiple witnesses, including Chang’s husband Sean Gray, said they heard Scott, who is black, refer to Chang as “ching-chang” and “the ching-chong” to voters outside polling stations during the August 7 primary election.

Stephanie Chang’s husband, who’s black, said Bettie Cook Scott also called him a “fool” for marrying Chang instead of an African-American woman.

Chang and Scott were running in the Democratic primary for state Senate District 1. Chang won the primary race, garnering 49 percent of the vote; Scott came in third with 11 percent.