Liam Hemsworth Terrifies Miley Cyrus In Hilarious Video

Miley Cyrus got the scare of her life from fiancé Liam Hemsworth in a hilarious video he shared on his official Instagram account this week. The Hunger Games actor posted the clip on August 31 of himself scaring the life out of the "Malibu" singer by screaming at her as she walked around outside.

The new upload showed Cyrus unaware of her man's plan as she takes a stroll before Hemsworth then opts to jump out and scare her, which inspires a whole lot of profanity from the former The Voice coach as she attempts to regain her composure.

After screaming in fear, Miley tells Liam, "You f***ing c***. I hate you!" before then changing her tune a little when she realizes that he's actually been recording the whole ordeal.

After spotting the phone in his hand, Cyrus told Hemsworth, "Aw, Liam! He is so f***ing annoying."

Liam then turned the camera back around to show his face, as he told his followers, "That was a harsh one."

Hemsworth echoed that sentiment in the caption of his video, admitting he "almost" felt bad about giving her such a harsh scare.

"Please excuse Miley's foul language," he wrote on Instagram. "Got her good on this one. Almost felt bad...almost," he continued, adding an emoji wearing sunglasses.

The latest brutal scare comes shortly after Liam shared another video of himself terrifying Miley on social media with his more than 10.8 million followers.

As reported by E! News, the actor shared a clip of himself and Miley in the car together earlier this week as he played a prank on the former Disney Channel star.

The clip showed Liam wearing a black mask covering his face as he sweetly filmed his fiancé in the passenger seat of his car. Surprising the singer once again, he then suddenly slammed on his breaks which gave Cyrus quite a scare.

As reported by Yahoo! the latest scare videos came shortly after Hemsworth shut down recent reports claiming that the couple had split by sharing a rare photo with his fiancée on his Instagram page.

The sweet photo showed the couple walking their dogs together in what appeared to be a park.

Cyrus opted to keep things pretty casual in the upload, sporting a large navy sweater and blue pants with her hair up in a ponytail as she walked around outside barefoot.

Liam Hemsworth terrifies Miley Cyrus in scare video
Getty Images | Jamie McCarthy

The snap, which has already received more than 2 million likes since he uploaded it on August 28, had the very sweet caption, "Strolls with my girls" as they headed out with their pets.

As confirmed by E! News at the time, Miley and Liam initially split and called off their engagement back in 2010 after around two years together. They then reconciled in October 2016, and their latest activity on social media proves they're still together and looking happier than ever.