Hailey Baldwin Reportedly ‘Doesn’t Mind’ That Justin Bieber’s Mustache Has Made A Comeback

Over the past couple weeks, fans might have noticed a fuzzy friend reentering Justin Bieber’s life just above his upper lip. It seems that after two months, the Canadian-born singer’s mustache has made a comeback and fans might be wondering what Bieber’s fiancée, Hailey Baldwin, thinks about it. According to a recent report by Hollywood Life, Baldwin “doesn’t mind it at all anymore.”

When Justin Bieber stepped out with clean-shaven face two months ago, fans were surprised that he had decided to part ways with his mustache. However, it was later revealed by Bieber himself that although he wasn’t the one who wanted it gone, he catered to his fiancée’s wishes that he get rid of it.

A few fans took to Twitter to share their conversation with the “Never Say Never” singer, 24, regarding his hair piece and although Bieber tried to play coy about it, he eventually came clean and told them Baldwin, 21, “made” him shave it off.

Now that he and his mustache have reunited, will Baldwin demand that he rid himself of it again?

“Hailey and Justin are no longer fighting over his mustache. It’s actually kind of grown on her and she doesn’t mind it at all anymore,” a source claims.

Fans should keep in mind that when Bieber succumbed to Baldwin’s request, the couple was not yet engaged. Now that they are, perhaps that’s built some more room for compromise within their relationship.

The return of the “One Time” singer’s mustache might actually be a win-win situation for both parties, as it turns out, the model is now apparently styling her man in looks that will complement “his mustache and his longer hair.”

“It helps that he’s been letting her style him and she’s been picking out all sorts of retro looks that actually work really well with his mustache and his longer hair. She thinks he looks so sexy with his retro style and loves that he’s not afraid to be different and be a trendsetter. That’s a turn on for her.”

It’s true, the Biebs has been looking more colorful in his attire lately, donning floral, Hawaiian-style shirts, and being that Baldwin is a fashion model, it would make sense that she would have an eye on what makes for good fashion.

The couple will have plenty of time to agree to disagree on certain likes and dislikes as they are preparing to spend their lives together. While they have halted in their wedding planning to enjoy being engaged for a bit longer, sources have reported that despite this, the couple can’t wait to become husband and wife.