Mariah Carey's 'The Butterfly Returns' Show Begins Second Leg Before International Tour

Mariah Carey is back at it again in the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, and she's looking glamorous while doing it. Her residency show, The Butterfly Returns, starts again tonight, and these are the last few shows until her international tour in October.

The show, which began in early July, was a special opportunity for many fans to catch live performances while she settled down in Los Angeles. According to Grammy, this is her fourth residency in Las Vegas, and will likely not be her last.

Her first show for The Butterfly Returns was a hit, with her twins, Monroe and Moroccan, even making appearances as well. As reported by Billboard, her boyfriend, Bryan Tanaka, even performed alongside Mariah as a backup dancer in the same show. Since then, thousands of fans have attended the show to get a glimpse of the diva and her family members.

Months later, The Butterfly Returns is on its second leg, and boasts four acts by Carey herself. Each act contains four to five songs, all hand-picked from Mariah's previous albums. The only albums not showcased in the lineup are Charmbracelet and Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel, as the scope of Carey's work makes it difficult to include every album.

In September, Mariah will be departing from the show to prepare for her international tour, which will take her through Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

However, fans that miss her performances in Las Vegas will have another chance to see The Butterfly Returns before the end of its run. The show will be fluttering back on stage for a few select nights in February, giving fans another opportunity to catch a live performance.

If that's not enough to get you interested in the show, Mariah recently posted clips of her performance, which features a glittering set and a live band. In the video, she stuns fans with a sparkling, fringed dress before waving her backup dancers onto the stage.

The Butterfly Returns follows a previous show Mariah performed at the Colosseum, called #1 to Infinity. That show, which featured all of her No. 1 hits, ran from May, 2016, to July, 2017, and was only interrupted by a short break in September.

Carey has gone down in Colosseum history as one of their best performers, along with legendary names like Celine Dion, Elton John, and Cher. It is unknown whether or not she will be returning to the Colosseum stage anytime soon, but we can be expecting more phenomenal performances from this vocal powerhouse in the future.