Apple's Mysterious Event Invitation Shakes Up Twitter, New iPhone Color And Other Guesses

Apple definitely knows how to create a buzz. As previously reported in Inquisitr, Apple recently announced the date of their next launch event scheduled for September 12. Rumors have flooded the internet for months about the company's upcoming product releases, with reports suggesting three new iPhones, a new Apple Watch, and more.

After yesterday's announcement however, speculation has grown not just around the new releases, but about the possible hidden meanings in the invitations themselves.

The invitation's design is quite mysterious, and features the phrase "Gather Round" and a flat circle shape in metallic gold on a solid black background, with the event location and date/time details. Immediately after the invitations went out, users took to Twitter to share ideas and far-reaching theories about hints that could be contained in their design.

According to The Ringer, one of the more popular recent rumors about the upcoming Apple releases is the debut of new colors. The invitation's design could be hinting at a new metallic color similar to bronze or copper. Reportedly, there is buzz around a new color called "copper gold." The ring on the invitation could also hint at the demise of the home button, which was the cause of much speculation at Apple's previous iPhone announcement last year.

"The pattern on Apple's invitation 'Gather Round' is clearly a reference to the main Apple Park building's roof. My guess is they're going to give the press a tour, etc," one user tweeted.

Another user had a different take, linking the gold ring's shape to possible new design features for several of the anticipated products.
"What the invitation could show/mean:

- round Apple Watch

- gold frame of iPhone 5.8/6.5

- single camera module of 6.1' iPhone

- return of Touch ID beneath the screen

- Apple Park birds eye view

#AppleSpecialEvent #AppleEvent #AppleKeynote #apple #iPhone #AppleWatch @verge"

Time reports that Twitter users also wasted no time in riffing off of the invitation design, offering humorous takes on the gold ring.

One user turned the gold ring into a race track.

"I finally found something Apple is bad at designing: Slot car race tracks. Back to the drawing board, Jony."

Another had a Stranger Things-themed take.

"OK Apple, this meme has gone too far now."

"Apple's invitation is very similar to my home's induction cooker.????" one user joked.
One user took a poll.
Whatever the truth is behind the invitation's design, this is just another example of Apple's ability to generate buzz in advance of its releases.