Video Appears To Show Bill Clinton Checking Out Ariana Grande At Aretha Franklin's Funeral

Bill Clinton got an eyeful while Ariana Grande was performing at Aretha Franklin's funeral, and the internet can't get over it.

The former president had a front-row seat at the memorial service for the music legend, and video caught the moment he watched singer Ariana Grande pay tribute with a rendition of Franklin's "Natural Woman." As Hollywood Life noted, Clinton seemed to really, really enjoy the performance.

"A perfectly timed screengrab from Fox News captured the politician grinning ear to ear as Ariana flipped her goddess ponytail," the report noted. "Hey, we'd probably have the same reaction too if we had a front row seat to all the music legends that showed up to pay their r-e-s-p-e-c-t at the Greater Grace Temple in Detroit, Michigan!"

Clinton himself spoke at the memorial service, calling Aretha Franklin a friend and noting that he and wife Hillary first connected over their love of her music, saying they were once "groupies."

Clinton also said Aretha Franklin was the perfect singer to represent America, one who sang for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. after his death and Barack Obama at his inauguration. She always had a heart for people and their struggles, Clinton said.

"She cared about broken people, people who were disappointed, people who didn't succeed as much as she did," said Clinton (via Yahoo News).

But many on the internet seemed to be fixated on the clip appearing to show Bill Clinton checking out Ariana Grande, noting that he seemed to be sizing up the tiny singer during her performance. Afterward, Bill snagged a photo with Ariana and her boyfriend, Saturday Night Live cast member Pete Davidson.

This is not the first time the internet has trolled Bill Clinton for appearing to check out another woman. Last year, video seemed to capture him checking out Ivanka Trump at her father's inauguration. In the video, Hillary Clinton appeared to catch her husband looking at the much younger woman and gave him a wicked side eye.

And that wasn't all. Later at the same event, another picture seemed to catch Bill Clinton checking out Michelle Obama.

While the picture of Bill Clinton (apparently) checking out Ariana Grande may have gotten viral attention, not everyone on the interent saw it the same way. Others believed that it just looked like the former president was enjoying the performance and the tribute to the Queen of Soul and that there wasn't anything untoward about it.