Ariana Grande Restarts Song After Concert-Goer Shouts 'Wait, Start Again! I Wasn't Recording!'

Turns out, Ariana Grande is not only a joy to listen to, but also a joy who listens, too.

Last Saturday, she restarted a song after a fan shouted, "Wait, start again! I wasn't recording!"

Pausing mid-song, she pointed off to the side and called out to the fan, laughing along with the crowd. According to the Independent, she responded with "Did you just say 'start again I wasn't recording? I listen."

She then asked if they were ready before restarting the song. The video was posted on Twitter by the fan in question, and has since been re-posted on both Tumblr and YouTube.

Check out the video here.

This took place at one of her "Sweetener Sessions," small, private concerts hosted by American Express. Ariana uses these to share her gratitude with fans, giving them more personal, intimate performances. This one was held at the Ace Theatre in Los Angeles, and the song she sings in the video is "Raindrops." It's the first song on her new album Sweetener, and is a fan-favorite due to its acoustic and heartfelt nature.

Many fans went to Twitter after seeing the video, praising Ariana for not only hearing her fans, but listening to them as well. Grande is well-known for her frequent interactions with fans on social media, but this clip proves that her attentiveness is not limited to online platforms.

Her "Sweetener Sessions" are in celebration of her newest album, which has earned tremendous praise since its release. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sweetener recently topped the charts with its impressive debut.

Sweetener was released on August 17 of this year, and follows Grande's equally successful album Dangerous Woman. However, Sweetener is a more personal project, one that Ariana had more of a hand in writing. This shows through in its content, which reflects many of her recent experiences.

Ariana has been lauded for her music and spirit by many, and her fans are notoriously supportive. When you consider how responsive she is to them, it's not hard to understand their devotion.

Just recently, she posted a heartfelt thank you to social media, telling her fans how much she appreciated their "warmth" upon the release of her new album. So far, Sweetener has received 16 official No. 1's, making it the most popular female album since Adele's 25 in 2015. This is a high honor, one that Ariana has taken with grace and gratitude.

Let's hope we get more inside looks into her future "Sweetener Sessions."