PlayStation 4 Announcement On February 20 By Sony?

A PlayStation 4 announcement might be coming down the pipe on February 20, 2013. Sony has been tight-lipped about its future plans for the gaming console, but a PlayStation blog entitled “See The Future” is teasing PlayStation fans with a Sony event set for February 20. Gaming industry journalists have been sent invites to attend the 6 pm EST event in New York.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the PlayStation 4 has been renamed from code-name “Thebes” rather than”Orbis.” If the rumors are true, the PS4 could be delayed through the spring 2014 or fall 2014. But it’s possible that, on February 20, we might get an actual release date for the Playstation 4.

Although no official statements have been made by Sony, the PlayStation 4 hardware rumors have the system pegged as being significantly more powerful than the forthcoming Xbox 720, with the former capable of 1.84 teraflops and the latter “only” 1.23 teraflops. The newest PlayStation 4 rumors from NowGamer report Sony and Microsoft’s consoles would sport 3.2 teraflops and 4.2 teraflops, respectively, which reverses the speculative hardware winner.

The Examiner points out why these high-flying PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 specifications are unlikely to be true:

“The HD 7660D has 614.4 Gigaflops of power, while the whole chip has 736 Gigaflops. That’s a country mile behind the 3.2 Teraflop figure that’s doing the rounds. Plenty more evidence suggests the 3.2 Teraflop figure simply isn’t anywhere close to reality. There’s no way an APU could contain a graphics core of that power while also packing in a processing module too: the power requirements don’t add up, and the heat generated would be too much for a console to bear. Another major concern is cost. Sony might price the PS4 highly for the console market, but that level of GPU is way out of its league.”

Game culture blog Kotaku spotted this Tweet by Sony President Shuhei Yoshida:


ABC reports that Sony has been using Twitter as part of its marketing campaign for the February 20 event:

“According to a report, Sony’s suggested hashtag for the event, #PlayStation2013, saw a spike of over 3,000 tweets in its first two hours. The push didn’t trend nationally, though it may spike up again on the day of the event.”

The February 20 teaser video was posted on YouTube as #PlayStation2013. The video really does not give any further details about what Sony is planning, but the amorphous visuals are pretty.

What would you like Sony to announce on February 20: the PlayStation 4 or something else?