Cardi B Accused Of Ordering Attack On Strip Club Bartender

Cardi B may have just given birth two months ago but there are already reports that she is involved in the drama surrounding an alleged affair her husband Offset had with a strip club bartender. TMZ reports that the bartender in question, Jade, has accused Cardi, real name Belcalis Almanzar, of ordering a "posse" to attack her.

Jade is set to take Cardi to court to sue her for the damages she and another bartender sustained.

According to TMZ, the attack reportedly took place on August 15, the same day Jade says she was warned that Cardi B was threatening to have her crew inflict harm on her. She claims that five people from the "Bodak Yellow" rapper's camp accosted her at a strip club in New York and hit her with an ashtray, punched her, and pulled at her hair.

Jade says that this wasn't the only attack. She adds that on August 29, a group of people associated with Cardi hit her and another bartender, Baddie Gi, with chairs and bottles at the same strip club. She claims that this incident happened after a confrontation between herself and Cardi. She is also alleging that the rapper threw a bottle at her during the attack on the 29th.

Cardi B and Offset's relationship has been hit with cheating scandals in the past. As Cheatsheet reports in 2017, his phone was hacked and a sex tape was released which featured another woman. In December, another woman claimed to have given birth to Offset's child, but those rumors turned out to be false.

Nevertheless when Cardi released, "Be Careful", the first single from her debut album about an unfaithful lover, many assumed that the song was based on her real-life relationship drama with Offset.

She seemed to confirm this when she said, "I let a n**ga know though. You do that s**t again, you gon' lose your wife" at a concert later in December. The line is a reference to a song by Beyonce called, "Don't Hurt Yourself," which is also about infidelity in a relationship.

TMZ reports that the bartenders Cardi's crew allegedly beat up have hired attorney Joe Tacopina to represent them in court. He told the celebrity news website that there are plans to file a police report which will name Cardi B. They are also planning to file a lawsuit to compensate his clients for the damages they sustained after both incidents.