'Big Brother' Producers Address JC Mounduix's Behavior After Incidents With Tyler Crispen & Haleigh Broucher

Big Brother producers have intervened in the aftermath of contestant JC Mounduix's reported behavior toward two Season 20 houseguests. After Mounduix was caught on the live feed acting inappropriately in separate incidents involving Tyler Crispen and Haleigh Broucher, producers from the CBS reality show stepped in, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Earlier his week, JC Mounduix was seen on the Big Brother live feed fondling fellow houseguest Tyler Crispen as they slept in bed together. Mouduix allegedly caressed Crispen's arms and chest and kissed his armpit as he slept. The next morning, Crispin complained to alliance member Kaycee Clark about how he didn't want JC in his bed anymore.

In a separate incident, Mounduix opened the bathroom door and would not close it as Haleigh Broucher was using the toilet. When Mounduix refused to listen to her and tied the door open, Broucher called for production to stop him. Broucher later revealed that Big Brother executive producer Allison Grodner spoke to her about the incident, but she didn't want to get Mounduix "in trouble," per THR.

A Big Brother source told THR that all parties involved in the incidents were spoken to, but no official complaints were issued by either Crispen or Broucher. The Big Brother players reportedly said they did not feel threatened or unsafe by Mounduix's actions despite outrage by fans who witnessed the incidents on the CBS live feed. Sources added that no statement will be made on the JC Mounduix matter as it was addressed by Big Brother producers off camera.

Grodner addressed viewer concerns in a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle.
"The expression of viewer concerns regarding JC Mounduix's behavior was reviewed immediately. All video was examined in its entirety. We spoke with all three of the houseguests separately in detail about the incidents. Tyler and Haleigh explained to producers that they in no way felt threatened, unsafe, or sexually harassed. If there was any indication from our houseguests of sexual misconduct, we and CBS would have taken immediate action. The safety and security of our houseguests is and will continue to be our top priority."
Big Brother fans have been vocal about the fact that they feel JC Mounduix should be removed from the game. Earlier this season, the controversial contestant was reportedly "warned" by producers after he harassed Kaycee Clark by placing an ice cream scooper near her genitals. CBS issued a statement at the time, explaining the "inappropriate behavior" had been addressed and that "consequences" would be issued for further bad behavior.

Because this season's questionable behavior is not being addressed on the show, some Big Brother fans and have accused CBS of turning a blind eye to JC Mounduix as to not draw further attention to the network's current situation with CEO Les Moonves, who is also the husband of Big Brother host Julie Chen. Decades-old sexual harassment allegations against the CBS CEO were recently detailed in a scathing report by Ronan Farrow for The New Yorker.

You can see JC Mounduix touching Tyler in his sleep and harassing Haleigh in the bathroom in the Big Brother live feed clips below.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.