'Big Brother 20' Spoilers: Week 10 HOH Winner Revealed, Houseguests Prepare For Nominations

Week 10 is beginning in the Big Brother 20 house and spoilers about the Head of Household and upcoming nominations have been revealed via the live feeds. Faysal was voted out Thursday night as expected, and Scottie won the Battle Back competition as many anticipated he would. Where do things head next?

Big Brother Network shares spoilers about the HOH competition that was played after Thursday's show ended. JC was the first to drop out of the endurance competition, and Sam was out second.

Next was Scottie and then Brett, with Kaycee dropping after that. That left Haleigh and Tyler to battle it out, and they both looked strong. Right about an hour after the competition started, Haleigh fell and that means that Tyler is the Week 10 HOH.

Haleigh and Tyler were quite complimentary toward one another for how tough the end of the battle was and she asked him not to nominate her this week. Big Brother spoilers detail that he wouldn't promise that, but he did agree to tell her what he was doing before he made the nominations.

There was a lot of buzz among the houseguests after the HOH competition ended. Faysal's eviction speech had some houseguests fired up and Big Brother spoilers detail that Tyler and Angela talked quite a bit about their strategy. They worried about how strong Haleigh was in the HOH battle and discussed wanting to know exactly where Sam stood before nominations. Scottie, obviously, is a concern to both of them as well.

Twitter user @BB_Updates shared some great tidbits from Tyler and Angela's discussion, especially related to JC and Brett. Tyler noted that Brett seems to be crushing on Angela, and they noted that JC is crushing on Tyler. They agreed that they have to keep playing along with both Brett and JC to keep them thinking that all is well, and they both seemed to be on the same page.

Both Tyler and Angela did comment, however, on how annoying JC has been. As the Inquisitr previously detailed, live feed viewers were stunned to see JC acting inappropriately toward Tyler in bed the other night, but it looks like Tyler is tolerating it for now for the sake of his gameplay strategy.

In addition, JC has come to think he's got a fair amount of power now in the house and he's tried to talk Tyler into turning against Kaycee and Angela now versus later. However, JC isn't nearly as influential as he seems to think he is.

Who will Tyler nominate? Big Brother spoilers from BBN reveal that in the wee hours of Friday morning, there was a brief leak to the feeds as he was in the Diary Room. He indicated that he plans to nominate Haleigh and Scottie, and this won't come as a huge shock to anybody. He had mentioned in some discussions with other BB20 players the idea of nominating Haleigh and Sam, but if Scottie won Power of Veto and took Haleigh down, they could be in trouble.

Tyler will be making the Week 10 nominations Friday afternoon and the Power of Veto competition will play out over the weekend. Big Brother spoilers suggest that Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee continue to have a strong hold on this game for now, but things are going to get intense over the next couple of weeks with the finale just around the corner.