Jenna Jameson Shows Off 82-Pound Weight Loss 17 Months After Giving Birth In New Before & After Photos

Jenna Jameson is celebrating her incredible 82-pound weight loss by sharing new before and after photos after reaching her goal weight. Per People, the former adult film star and reality TV personality shared a new look at her new and old body on Instagram on August 30 where she revealed that she's now down to the weight she was hoping for at the start of her weight loss journey.

Seventeen months after giving birth to her baby girl, daughter Batel Lu, Jameson shared a new photo of herself looking slim and toned in a slinky red crop top and matching red leggings as she posed on the floor and snapped a mirror selfie.

The new photo showed Jenna revealing her tattoo sleeve with her blonde hair up in a ponytail, which the star then uploaded alongside a photo of herself at her heaviest in a grey vest top and short shorts.

She revealed in the caption that she weighed 205 pounds at her heaviest while pregnant with her daughter, but now weighs 123 pounds, which was her goal weight when she first started trying to get back into shape.

Jenna shared much of her inspiring weight loss story in the caption, admitting that she was initially ruled by fear when it came to dropping the pounds.

"I think one aspect of fear that we all trip over is fear of failure. This was the major component in my procrastination on getting healthy after having Batel," Jameson wrote, admitting to her more than 311,000 followers on Instagram that she was trying to fool herself into thinking she was happy with her body when she was really just afraid to fail.

"I was so afraid I couldn't reach my goals like I was so accustomed to, I just told myself 'why bother?" Jenna - who is also mom to 9-year-old twins - continued, detailing her how her struggle with sobriety also had an impact on her weight loss goals.

Jenna Jameson posts new before and after photo of her more than 80 pound weight loss on Instagram
Getty Images | Valerie Macon

Jenna then went on to share with her fans how she struggled to lose weight even before she got pregnant with her now 17-month-old daughter, who was conceived via IVF.

"The cocktail of hormones [for IVF] pushed me up to 160. Then pregnancy. I hit 205 at 39.5 weeks," she shared of being at her heaviest while pregnant, before admitting that she managed to drop down to 187 pounds but then stalled when it came to losing any more.

"I ignored it and put every ounce into mothering my sweet girl. Well here we are, folks... Batelli is 17 months and I'm 123. I did it," Jenna wrote, signing off her inspiring and lengthy message by telling fans, "if you don't try, you'll never know the utter triumph when you do achieve your goals."

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Jameson has been pretty open about her weight loss over the past few weeks.

She shared earlier this year that she credits Keto diet and fasting for helping her to drop a very impressive total of 82 pounds.