Jill Duggar Packs On The PDA As She Smooches Husband Derick Dillard In New Photo, People Find It Awkward

Jill Duggar is getting her romance on with husband Derick Dillard in a recent photo that she posted on social media for all to see. It showed her giving her hubby a smooch on the lips, and the comments started flying right away.

Thursday's post from the former Counting On star revealed her emotions towards the man she married four years ago. The black and white snapshot that she posted on Instagram had the two lovebirds in a lip lock with the camera zooming in on them. However, it certainly wasn't one of those sexy smooches you see on a romantic movie. It was more of a casual, barely touching lips sort of kiss. Some people considered the whole thing to be very awkward, saying that it looked fake.

However, many devoted fans loved the PDA with her husband that Jill Duggar shared. Others were okay with it, except for the actual kiss itself. One person said, "Love the pda but still looks like 12 year olds kissing."

Jill also penned a two-sentence love note to Dillard along with the kissing photo. It was short, sweet and to the point. She wrote, "@derickdillard you're my fave! Can't imagine my life without you!"

Derick Dillard has been hitting the books lately. He just recently enrolled in law school at the University of Arkansas, which will be taking up more of his time away from his family. He did spend a lot of the summer with Jill and his two kids, Israel and Samuel, as his pictures revealed. His wife seems to be just fine with him heading back to school. However, some people are questioning his job situation.

It doesn't appear that Derick has a job right now, and Jill is staying at home raising their two sons. Many people who are not fans of the Duggar family took to the comment section in an Instagram photo that Derick shared of himself in the school's library to slam him for not providing for his family. One person stated, "You really need to grow up Derick. It's one impulsive decision after the next and all because you need to find a way to avoid having to work. You can't do that when you have two kids."

Jill Duggar will always stand by her man no matter what anyone has to say. It also seems that fans are still waiting for that third Dillard baby to be announced. They have been trying to spot a baby bump for months now, but there is no news yet. That may take a back seat now that Derick is busy with school. They will be sure to keep their fans updated on their future plans for their family.