Jennifer Garner Pushes Supermarket Samples Of Her New Baby Food Line

These days, Jennifer Garner is wearing a lot of different hats. One day you might see her on a red carpet at a film premiere and the next you might see her in a boardroom setting the course for one of her business ventures. Or, as supermarket shoppers in Cincinnati, Ohio, surprisingly found out, you might see her in the aisles of your local Kroger's pushing free samples.

People reports that the 46-year-old actress did just that on Thursday, taking a break from the promotion of her upcoming film Peppermint and setting up shop in the baby food aisle of the Cincinnati supermarket, promoting her new baby food line.

Garner made the supermarket appearance on behalf of Once Upon A Farm, a company that Garner co-founded that specializes in organic baby food and as a mother-of-three is very passionate about. One of their newest products was a line of cold-pressed organic baby food and applesauce and Garner took the product to the public, looking for some honest reactions.

Garner stood in the supermarket, poised and ready for her opportunity. Selling is all about patience, and Garner emphasized that as she shared her experience.

"Okay, I'm just hanging out at Kroger. Waiting," Garner captioned a photo on her story.

Garner eventually saw her mark, as a male customer wandered down her aisle and appeared open to an opportunity. Garner confidently approached and made her measured pitch.

"Excuse me? Hello. Could I talk you into trying out a new baby food?" she asked.

The man, who never appeared on camera, pushed aside her advances despite the confidence, charm, and movie star appeal of Garner's request.

"I'm sorry, I'm really busy," the man replied, squashing Garner's hopes for only a moment before the star brushed herself off and continued pushing product.

"I understand. No problem!" replied Garner, briefly looking towards the camera and revealing a frown. Garner's understanding of the importance of emanating a happy and confident outlook took over and the brief disappointment was quickly buried.

Garner's day at the Cincinnati, Ohio, Kroger did not go as well as she hoped. Her star power only did so much as she was constantly repelled as she approached with offers of free samples of baby food. the experience didn't break the star, who understands the grind that comes with pushing something you're passionate about. It's very unlikely that this is the last time Garner will be seen in a local supermarket.