West Virginia News Anchors Get Into Bar Fight After One Thought The Other Hit On Her Husband

Two TV news anchors are dealing with a lot of legal trouble after getting into a bar fight that caused some injuries and damage. The story isn't that simple, though, as the anchors actually ended up getting in the bar fight against one another. Both work for WSAZ in Charleston, West Virginia, and on Sunday, they ended up getting into a knockdown brawl which resulted in a fractured skull and a ruptured eardrum.

According to FTV Live, anchor Erica Bivens and weather anchor Chelsea Ambriz of WSAZ in West Virginia ended up getting into a heated confrontation on Sunday. Everything started with Bivens going to The Girls' Night Out Celebration at the Charleston Civic Center before deciding to go out for drinks with her husband.

The couple ended up at the Broadway bar and ran into Ambriz who just so happened to be out that night as well. Bivens later revealed to police that she and Ambriz had issues in the past, but nothing happened upon seeing her out on Sunday.

Later in the evening, Bivens claims that Ambriz began hitting on her husband, Donald, when he was standing alone in the bar. Donald advised Ambriz he wasn't interested in her advances and left to go join his wife.

Upon advising Erica what Chelsea had tried to do, that is when things turned ugly.

According to the police report, Erica went over to confront her co-anchor about hitting on her husband which led to Chelsea becoming very angry. She started to shove Erica away from her and that caused both of the women to stumble into the bar and fall over in the general area.

This altercation and fall led to Erica Bivens' suffering a knot on the side of her head which was later determined to be a fractured skull. Bivens also had slight bleeding from her ear which is said to be a result of a ruptured eardrum.

Witnesses in the bar have confirmed that the altercation started with Ambriz acting "inappropriately" toward Donald, the husband of Bivens.

Since the situation happened on Sunday, Erica Bivens was said to be thinking about the entire thing and trying to determine what to do. She has since filed criminal assault charges against Chelsea Ambriz.

The two TV anchors from West Virginia worked at the same station and had to be around one another every single day, but bad blood was brewing. All it took was one night in a bar and Erica Bivens thinking that Chelsea Ambriz was hitting on her husband for things to turn ugly. One ended up with a fractured skull and a ruptured eardrum, while another is off of TV for disciplinary reasons, but the news and weather must carry on.