Joy Duggar Reveals She Is Living In RV With Austin And Baby Gideon, Fans Are Concerned

Joy Duggar has been enjoying married life with husband Austin Forsyth and being mom to 6-month-old son, Gideon. However, fans aren't quite sure if she is as happy as she claims to be, especially now that it has been revealed that her small family is currently living in an RV. This has some people concerned.

Joy just recently shared an innocent post on her and Austin's Instagram account of all the things she had on her to-do list. The photo was that of a notebook listing chores such as laundry, cleaning the bathroom, and getting the dishes done. She then added some pictures of her accomplishments for the day with folded clothes on the bed and clean dishes drying on the counter.

Duggar fans quickly noticed that the kitchen was not the same one as seen in the house that the Forsyths had been living in. They realized that this was in fact the tiny kitchen that is located in their RV. The Counting On star was questioned about it and her reply was, "Yes, we are living in a camper!! And I love it!"

The Duggar daughter seemed to be sincere enough, but some people just weren't exactly convinced that she is happy at all. They expressed some concerns about the baby living in a camper and chided her husband for moving his family out of the house they were previously living in.

Austin had mentioned on an episode of Counting On that they wouldn't be living in that house for long after the baby came along. He loves to flip houses, so the most likely scenario is that he and Joy are in the process of yet another house they are flipping. Hopefully the next one will be a permanent home for them. Joy did say that she and Austin would provide fans with an update very soon.

One person questioned why Austin wasn't helping his wife with all of those chores listed in her notebook. She answered, "Well, Austin was out working hard, today. But, when he is home he helps out a lot!!" Joy must have had time in between cleaning as she replied to quite a few comments on her post.

In addition, the new mom included a closeup snapshot of Gideon with a bottle in his mouth. This also got fans chattering in the comment section, especially after Joy admitted that the baby is given a bottle, but that she is still breastfeeding as well.

Everyone did agree that it was an adorable photo of Gideon. Joy Duggar promised an update on their situation, so they could just be fixing up, or even building, their dream home for the predicted big family that she and Austin are expected to have.