At Least 6 Dead In Bus-Truck Crash In New Mexico

Multiple casualties and injuries were announced in New Mexico on Thursday after a Greyhound bus collided with a truck, with at least 40 victims having to be transported to various hospitals as a result. Six required urgent care on the scene.

“There are multiple serious injuries and passengers transported. Officers and EMS are actively working and assessing the scene,” New Mexico State Police said, according to WWAYTV.

Christopher Jones, a witness at the scene, explained that he had arrived at the site just moments after the accident had happened, telling ABC News how he had reacted.

“I saw a tractor trailer flipped upside down, the driver of the tractor trailer was on the shoulder just sitting there. So I grabbed my medical kit and grabbed a bunch of my gloves and got out there and just started helping people. It was a pretty rough site.”

The tractor driver had told Jones that the front tire on his vehicle had burst, and causing his vehicle to veer into oncoming traffic and collide with the bus.

Jones, who is a volunteer firefighter and trained EMT, described the scene at the accident as “one of the hardest he’s ever had to see.”

“I was talking to the driver of the tractor trailer and he said his front drive tire popped on him and so it took him into the medium into oncoming traffic right into the Greyhound upon impact, which I’m not too sure of the details. But I am guessing it was a head on collision,” Jones said.

There were 49 passengers on board the Greyhound bus that was headed from Albuquerque to Phoenix, according to officials. The death count is expected to rise in the following hours.

“The total number of injuries has not been determined at this time. The cause of the incident has not yet been determined. We are fully cooperating with local authorities and will also complete an investigation of our own. Please contact the New Mexico State Police Department for any further details,” Greyhound said. “Our first priority is taking care of our passengers and their families as this incident has deeply impacted all involved. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone as we continue to give our support to all affected.”

The NTSB has issued a statement confirming that they are launching an investigation into the accident.