Rita Ora Goes Topless To Show Off Tattoos

The British singer has over 27 tattoos.

Rita Ora shows off tattoos
Craig Barritt / Getty Images

The British singer has over 27 tattoos.

Rita Ora is not shy when it comes to showing off her amazing body, from her toned abs to her long legs, Ora has tastefully flaunted it all. Recently, the British singer and actress took to Instagram to post two classic black and white photos, in which she appears to be showing off her tattoos.

Ora is topless is both photos, but each one is taken at a different angle. In the first photo, Ora can be seen standing slightly turned toward a wall with her chin resting on her shoulder while looking directly into the camera. Ora uses her arm to cover her breasts and on her elbow rests a tattoo of a ballerina.

The second photo shows Ora with her back turned to the camera, her hair falling down her neck, while giving fans a full view of another tattoo, this one of a woman sitting on her lower back.

The singer borrowed the caption of the photos from the lyrics of a popular song “Chat To Mi Back” by Jamaican Dancehall artist-turned-Christian, Lady Saw.

Rita Ora has a number of tattoos and has a story for each of them. While chatting with iHeartRadio, the singer talked about the ballerina on her arm.

“I’ve got a ballerina here with my best friend Anda, because we always made jokes that at 9, when we were at 92 we were going to be ballerinas if we survived.”

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Chat to mi back…. wait what? ????

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She went on to mention the Aphrodite tattoo that can also be slightly seen in her recent Instagram post.

“I have Aphrodite over here. I got Aphrodite because she’s the goddess of love. I had just a human heart, but it looked a bit like a shriveled up prune, so then I decided to get this around it, because it was much better that way.”

The 27-year-old Brit also made headlines earlier this week when she showed off her butt in a new “Ritarobics” video, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

According to reports, the singer was the headlining act at G-A-Y held at the Heaven nightclub in London. Ora and her team of backup dancers wore 1980s inspired outfits, which included Ora’s pink leotard and a crop top, as everyone danced to the lively beat of the playing track.

After the performance, she took the opportunity to meet and greet awaiting fans and posted the entire exchange to her Instagram story.