Donald Trump Wanted To Buy ‘National Enquirer’ Dirt Before Election And Bury It Away Deep, Per ‘NYT’

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There is an ongoing investigation regarding a great deal of evidence saying that President Donald Trump paid two women to keep quiet about affairs they claimed to have with him. Those deals were just a small portion of all that apparently went on before the presidential election in 2016, though. It now appears as if Trump and his then lawyer, Michael Cohen, came up with plans to buy all of National Enquirer‘s dirt before it was made public as well.

According to the New York Times, the National Enquirer had collected a ton of information on Trump which dated back to the ’80s. In order to keep that information from becoming known and hurting his chances at becoming president of the United States, Trump and Cohen devised a plan that was never finalized, but aimed at purchasing it all.

This information came forth in a recording released last month that had hinted at the idea of numerous payoffs being planned by Cohen and Trump. Cohen could even be heard specifically stating, “It’s all the stuff…all the stuff, because you never know.”

It was obvious that Trump was quite worried about the amount of information collected by American Media and its chairman David Pecker. Despite working along with Trump for many years, Pecker has been fully cooperating during this investigation.

This news comes off as a bit of a shock to some people after a report by the Washington Post back in June that said the National Inquirer was always working with Trump anyway. That report stated that stories about Trump were always sent to him and Cohen for approval before anything was published.

Much of the dirt that has been collected by the National Inquirer dealt with virtually everything in Trump’s life including his marital issues, alleged affairs, lawsuits, and so much more. All of this information was reportedly kept in a safe which was owned by Pecker, and hidden inside were “particularly sensitive story files.”


After the recordings came out, it didn’t take long for Michael Cohen to plead guilty to eight criminal counts and that happened just last week. All of his criminal counts were related to his work with and for Trump, and that included payments made by Cohen to silence the woman who allegedly had affairs with the president.

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Last week in court, Cohen even stated, “I and the CEO of a media company, at the request of the candidate, worked together.” They worked together on squashing any stories that could emerge and damage the campaign or reputation of Donald Trump.

While the White House has continuously said that Donald Trump has done “nothing wrong,” and the president keeps denying the allegations, more and more information has come forth.

An official deal was never actually made by Donald Trump and Michael Cohen to purchase the information from the National Inquirer, American Media, or David Pecker. All of that dirt remained in their possession, but it was there for the taking which is what Trump and Cohen reportedly attempted to do. If they had ended up buying it, the plan was to bury it deep and never let it see the light of day or the public eye.