Slash And Estranged Wife, Perla Ferrar, Continue Fight Over Divorce Details

Rock guitarist Slash is really pushing hard to finalize his divorce from estranged wife Perla Ferrar. However, she believes certain details still need ironing out — and won't sign the papers until her demands are met.

The Guns N' Roses star married Ferrar in Hawaii on October 15, 2001, and they had two boys together, 16-year-old London and 14-year-old Cash. However, the couple's relationship was rather tumultuous toward the end.

Slash, born Saul Hudson, initially filed for divorce in August of 2010, citing irreconcilable differences, but he got back together with Ferrar a few short months later. In December of 2014, the musician filed for divorce for the second and final time. Almost four years have gone by now and they are still not officially divorced.

In June, the Inquisitr reported that Slash agreed to some of 43-year-old Ferrar's new-at-the-time terms, but in brand-new legal documents obtained by TMZ, Slash responded to several earlier claims made by Ferrar.

Her main concern, as with most celebrity divorces, is money. She believes that he is hiding cash from her, but he allegedly stated that he gets paid from multiple sources, including earnings from projects that were around long before they tied the knot.

How Slash and Ferrar communicate is another aspect of their divorce that Slash wants to settle, noted TMZ. He claims that she previously agreed to communicate via a program where they do not have to talk directly to one another, and that she now wants to be able to call him whenever she has a custody concern.

TMZ also said that, in the court papers, the curly-haired artist explained that his soon-to-be ex-wife asked him to buy son London, the drummer for the band Classless Act, a third kit, which he did. She then went out and bought the teen a fourth drum set, and is now asking Slash to reimburse her for it.

Lastly, Slash's new legal papers reportedly address Ferrar's recent accusation that his live-in girlfriend, Meegan Hodges, created an Instagram account just to harass her and reveal potentially harmful personal information about the kids. TMZ said that the guitarist was "alarmed at first, but quickly realized the account was aimed at Perla, not their boys… and that a lot of the stuff being posted was from Perla's own account."

As an act of kindness, Slash is agreeing to help her find out who the Instagram troll is, but she first must finally sign the official divorce papers.

After TMZ's initial story was posted the morning of Thursday, August 30, Ferrar's attorney, Marty Singer, got in touch with the celebrity news outlet to give his client's side of the story.

Slash and Perla (Ferrar) Hudson, May 12, 2014
Getty Images | Frazer Harrison

"Slash is well aware of the significant claims that have been made by Perla as to why the divorce documents cannot be finalized at this time," said Singer. "These include claims reflected in Perla's court filings that there was a multimillion-dollar audit settlement that was concealed from Perla, not paying in excess of $1,500,000 in child and spousal support payments, and significant advances received by Slash that will affect his future spousal and child support payments."

Ferrar is Slash's second wife. He was previously married to Renée Suran from 1992 to 1997. The 53-year-old has been in a relationship with Meegan Hodges since 2015.

The rock star is readying a new album, Living the Dream, from his Slash featuring Myles Kennedy & the Conspirators project, for a September 21 release. The band will launch a short tour in mid-September.