‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: Week 9 Eviction And Battle Back On The Way, Players Look Ahead To Next Nominations

'Big Brother' spoilers for Thursday's live show in Week 9 suggest some players will be stunned and scrambling

Big Brother Season 20 updates

'Big Brother' spoilers for Thursday's live show in Week 9 suggest some players will be stunned and scrambling

It’s time for the Week 9 eviction on Big Brother 20, and spoilers tease that Thursday’s live show could be a wild one. There shouldn’t be any major surprises when it comes to the votes for eviction, but the BB20 players aren’t fully aware that there’s a Battle Back competition coming and this could throw off some people’s plans for the coming week.

As the Inquisitr has previously shared, Haleigh and Faysal were put up for eviction by Head of Household Angela, and they remained on the block after the Power of Veto ceremony. Big Brother spoilers reveal that even though it hasn’t been discussed in detail with Faysal, everybody seems to know that he’ll be going out over Haleigh. The two nominees have been spending a lot of time together in anticipation of his needing to head to the jury house.

Viewers know that there’s a Battle Back coming up in Thursday’s show and some of the houseguests expect it too. As Big Brother Updates shared via Twitter, Brett and Tyler have talked on the live feeds about how Faysal might not be campaigning to stay because he’s expecting a Battle Back to save him.

At this point, it looks like Sam will probably vote to keep Faysal, in part to try to stay on his good side and in part because she dislikes Haleigh. The rest of the houseguests are expected to vote against Fessy, although JC has played with the idea of switching his vote.

Because there’s no real campaigning or indecision, several of the remaining BB20 guests have been whispering about who to nominate next. Some have worried this might be a double eviction week, but fans know it’s not.

Tyler and Kaycee have reaffirmed their final two deal, and Big Brother spoilers note that Tyler has told Kaycee that JC has been bugging him about Kaycee and Angela supposedly having a deal. Of course, Tyler and Angela are close, and he’s been sharing that with Kaycee, while assuring her that she doesn’t have to worry. Brett is essentially on the fringe here trying to figure out who’s aligned with who and who he might be able to connect with for his own safety.

There was a brief glimpse on the live feeds, as seen on Twitter, about the competition coming up on Thursday night, and Big Brother spoilers on Twitter from suggest that the players will have to stand on a disc and try to maintain their balance while they spin and rotate. Right now, it’s not clear whether there will be two competitions, one for HOH and one for Battle Back, or if there might be a combined battle on the way.

In the latest discussions on Thursday afternoon, many of the players heading into Week 10 are voicing concerns about JC. As the Inquisitr previously shared, there was a lot of drama related to JC in the past day or so after he did questionable things to both Haleigh and Tyler. Big Brother spoilers, however, detail that the buzz among houseguests is over JC’s gameplay, not what happened with Haleigh and Tyler.

An insider shared via Twitter that there has been a discussion among the producers regarding JC’s antics. Haleigh did complain to them, and Tyler reportedly has been made aware of what happened that involved him. However, at least so far, Tyler apparently hasn’t formally complained. It sounds as if the producers will likely leave JC in the game, but warn him to watch his behavior.

Tyler, Brett, Angela, and Kaycee have all talked about the possibility of JC winning HOH next and causing their group trouble in terms of evictions. If anybody else wins, it sounds as if Haleigh is the next target, with Sam as a backup option. However, there are ways that this approach could fall apart and fans will be curious to see who wins HOH for Week 10.

Stay tuned for more Big Brother spoilers as these next few competitions play out. It’s only a matter of time now before this group has to start making tough decisions and turn on one another and things could get pretty interesting, as Season 20 marches toward its finale.