Prince William's Mental Health Campaign Spreads Awareness In The Workplace

According to Bustle, Prince William's new mental health campaign, titled Mental Health at Work, aims to spread the awareness of mental health issues in the workplace by providing the proper training and resources to workplaces all throughout the United Kingdom.

The initiative is expected to launch on September 11 in collaboration with the Mind and Heads Together campaigns and will focus primarily on creating a dialogue around mental health and provide workplaces with resources and information on how to cope with mental health issues in a workplace environment.

Around one in six people experience some level of mental health issues in the UK, according to Mind. The mental health issues most commonly experienced are anxiety and depression, which can often stem experiencing from stress at work. Prince William's new campaign, however, aims to tackle this problem head on.

A statement recently issued from Kensington Palace describes Mental Health at Work as "a new online gateway that will change the way we approach workplace mental health across the UK."

Prince William has been an advocate for mental health ever since he attended an event in 2016, which aimed to spread awareness of the importance of addressing mental health issues in the workplace.

In a speech announcing his new mental health campaign, William said, "Work, as we all know, can at times be a source of great fulfillment, growth and fun, but also at times a significant source of stress — sometimes, if we are honest, to the point of its being overwhelming."

"Your ability as employers," he stressed, "to effect long-lasting social change on mental health by the example you set in your workplaces is something I strongly urge you to embrace."

William's charity Heads Together, which is sponsoring Mental Health at Work, was previously launched as a mental health charity in 2016 in order to "tackle stigma and change the conversation on mental health with fundraising for a series of innovative new mental health services."


Run alongside his wife and brother, Heads Together raises awareness of mental health issues or mental illness by uploading a series of YouTube videos, which feature members of the royal family, and even Lady Gaga, openly talking about the subject. In 2017, the charity won Virgin Money London Marathon Charity of the Year.

"All of us in this room have mental health, just as we have physical health, and we will all experience pressures on our mental health at some point in our lives," William said during a recent event. "But for too long, held back by stigma, shame and fear, people have found it difficult to open up to others about those times when their mental health needs support."