Kelly Ripa Shares Hilarious Throwback Photo To ‘Vacationing’ With Her Three Kids When They Were Little

Neilson BarnardGetty Images

Kelly Ripa does a great job at sharing updates on her family via social media and fans love seeing how grown up her three children with husband Mark Consuelos are looking these days. In her latest post, however, Ripa is sharing an amazing throwback photo and this one shows Kelly looking much less glamorous than usual as it goes back to when her three kids were little ones.

The Instagram post by Kelly Ripa shows her on vacation with the kids when Joaquin was an infant and both Lola and Michael were toddler or preschool aged. It’s fair to say that Kelly looks a little tired and run down, despite being on the beach with a swimsuit on underneath a tank top.

Ripa added a note to the Instagram post detailing that it was a throwback from 2003 that provided a valuable reminder. Just about any parent with little kids will agree with the sentiment that Kelly shared, which is that a vacation with one’s children is hardly a vacation, but rather just a trip.

This post of Kelly’s quickly garnered a lot of likes and comments, with her followers laughing and agreeing with her. Many noted that traveling with kids is more like just living life in a different location temporarily than experiencing a relaxing vacation, and as parents know, one often feels as if they need a vacation after their vacation with their children is over.

Both Kelly and her husband Mark regularly share throwback photos and fans love each and every one of them. Ripa and Consuelos both have great senses of humor and the ability to poke fun at themselves, as well as at their kids from time to time. The family also takes amazing vacations now that the kids are old enough to make it enjoyable, so the couple’s Instagram followers get a great range of posts to peruse and enjoy.

These days, Kelly and Mark usually look like they’ve got it all as they lead a life filled with good times, amazing vacations, and great professional gigs. Michael, Lola, and Joaquin are practically all grown up now and seem to be doing well, and they’re seemingly increasingly open to letting their parents share glimpses of their lives here and there.

The fact that the Ripa-Consuelos family is doing so well these days makes it that much more fun when Kelly Ripa or Mark Consuelos share a throwback picture like this latest one. It’s not often that anybody sees her looking tired, frazzled, or anything less than amazing, and fans love that Kelly can poke fun at herself and share the real side of life’s more challenging moments.