Toronto Sex Doll Brothel Closed Before It Ever Opened For Business

Inquisitr Staff

Toronto almost made history with the first sex doll brothel in North America, but due to public opposition, zoning laws, and reportedly some serious concerns regarding how the dolls would be maintained and prepared for their next client, it may never happen. The sex doll brothel was set to open on September 8 in the North York Plaza. Toronto City News reported that there will be no negotiations or challenges to the regulation invoked to shut the business down to try to resurrect the grand-opening taking place. Instead, the owner of the building has agreed to cancel the lease and end the agreement as amicably as possible.

The company's website states that the Aura Dolls brothel will no longer operate out of 4632 Yonge Street effective immediately due to a decades-old bylaw. Councilman John Filion reached out to neighbors of the North York Plaza, telling them he met with the city staff to discuss the legalities of whether a sex doll brothel could actually conduct business in the area due to a large number of complaints received ahead of its scheduled opening.

In his letter to area residents, Filion laid out what had transpired and under what authority city staff acted to shutter the would-be business before it hosted its first client.

"Both the business owner and property owner were advised by city staff that the proposed use is illegal and that, if the business opened, they would be charged. As a result, I am pleased to advise you that city staff were told that the lease has been cancelled."

No information has come forward from Aura Dolls concerning a possible new location or grand opening, but all indications from their website and social media point toward them working diligently toward a new plan.