'Jersey Shore' Star Pauly D Reveals The Girl Who Has Captured His Heart

Jersey Shore Family Vacation star Paul "Pauly D" DelVecchio is finally opening up about the girl who has permanently stolen his heart.

On the red carpet to promote his appearance on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, Pauly spilled the details about the lucky young lady and how she has changed him for the better to Entertainment Tonight.

Pauly remarked that it's his daughter Amabella, whom he shares with Amanda Markert, who has him wrapped around her finger.

ET reported that Pauly isn't ruling out a Season 3 appearance from his baby girl on the iconic MTV series. Amabella will celebrate her fifth birthday this October.

"It's great. Having a little mini-me running around is amazing," he stated. "I'm already teaching her how to DJ."

Pauly also revealed in a separate interview with ET that looking for love is entirely different now that he is a father.
"Now I'm even more picky when I pick women to actually meet her or my mother. Only certain ones will meet them. I put my standards a lot higher now."
"It's just harder now because you have to question their motives and intentions. That's why I'm single. You're not supposed to look for love, it just comes, so I hope that happens," he revealed.

As for Amabella, Pauly has some advice for any potential suitors as his daughter grows up.

"I'm super protective of her. She can't date until she's 30!" he quipped.

The iconic Jersey Shore star has been open about his struggles to find a lasting relationship. His appearance on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars details his former relationship with singer Aubrey O'Day. The couple went their separate ways in the summer of 2017.

"Great girl, but we just didn't work out," he said of the couple's relationship. "And that happens. Just some people aren't right for each other."

Both he and O'Day will air their dirty laundry on the reality series, something that Pauly is not used to doing on Jersey Shore. Usually, it is he who is watching his Jersey Shore roommates hash out their love lives for the cameras.

"I'm really not afraid to put anything on TV. I knew I could before, from Jersey Shore, but now doing these, I put a relationship for the first time ever doing that, so it's cool. Seeing me in a relationship, seeing me back on Jersey Shore, single, it's kind of dope," he revealed.

As for his current relationship status? Pauly said succinctly, "I'm single AF," he quipped. "I'm looking for a good time right now. That's it, that's it."