‘Big Brother 20’ JC Mounduix Caught Fondling Tyler Crispen In His Sleep, Fans Demand His Removal From The Game

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Big Brother star JC Mounduix is turning out to be one of the most controversial contestants ever cast on the CBS reality show. The openly gay, Cuban-born dancer has repeatedly displayed questionable behavior on the CBS live feeds, but this time he may have gone too far.

Big Brother fans are outraged after Mounduix was caught on camera fondling fellow houseguest Tyler Crispen in his sleep. Mounduix was seen caressing Crispen’s face and chest, and he even kissed his armpit all while the Big Brother fan favorite snoozed. Fans saw the inappropriate touching play out on the CBS live feed, as well as Crispen’s anger the next morning when he vented to his alliance member Kaycee Clark, telling her that he doesn’t want JC in his bed anymore.

“I’m sleeping alone tonight — JC is not sleeping with me,” Crispen told Clark, explaining that Mounduix leaves him no space on the bed and gives off way too much body heat.

Clark also asked Crispen, who is currently in a showmance with fellow Level Six member Angela Rummans, if JC has been touching him while they are in bed.

You can see JC Mounduix touching Tyler Crispen in his sleep as well as Crispen’s reaction the next morning in the CBS live feed clips below.

This is not the first time Mounduix has displayed inappropriate behavior on the CBS reality show, but if fans have their way it could be his last, as you can see by the reaction below.

Mounduix previously harassed Clark by pretending to “scoop” her vagina with an ice cream scooper. He also asked now-evicted houseguest Rachel Swindler if she is transgender and earlier this season he got caught using the N-word and inappropriately using the phrase #MeToo during heated conversations with fellow houseguests. More recently, JC held the bathroom door open on female contestant Haleigh Broucher.

Mounduix has seemingly been disciplined in the past. According to E! News, early in the season, CBS issued a statement regarding this Season 20 houseguests and behaviors that have sparked outrage among live feed viewers. The statement from CBS said the network does not condone such behavior, adding, “those involved have been warned about their inappropriate behavior and offensive comments, as well as future consequences.”

As of now, no consequences have been issued, but Big Brother fans are now calling on CBS to remove JC Mounduix from the game, with some saying if the victim of Mounduix’s unwanted attention had been a woman, he would have been booted long ago.

CBS has not commented on JC Mounduix’s latest incident.

Big Brother Season 20 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.