'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Wants Selena Gomez To Play Her In A Movie

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham recently revealed that she is in the middle of making her life story into a movie, and she knows exactly which Hollywood actress she wants to play her in the film.

According to an August 29 report by Hollywood Life, Farrah Abraham says she thinks Selena Gomez would be the best choice to play her in a movie, and claims that she is very excited to cast the film once it's ready to go.

"I think Selena Gomez would play me great and I am excited to start casting once the package is ready to go," Abraham stated, adding that she is currently "finishing the first round of the script and they have brought in more screenwriters."

Farrah went on to say that despite her long involvement with the Teen Mom franchise, she does not want to be associated with the reality show any longer. "I'm tired of my name being associated with Teen Mom…my brand is bigger than Teen Mom and I have moved on," Abraham said.

There have been no further details about Farrah Abraham's new project, or where the movie may air, whether it's in theaters or on a streaming service like Hulu, Amazon, or Netflix.

Gomez does have a relationship with Netflix, as she is a producer on the popular series 13 Reasons Why, which has drawn love from fans as well as criticism for its racy themes such suicide, rape, drug abuse, and bullying.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Farrah Abraham is current dealing with some legal trouble. The reality star was arrested back in June when she allegedly hit an employee at the Beverly Hills Hotel. She was later charged with battery and refused a plea deal that would see her getting lesser charges and community service duty, as well as attending anger management. However, she did not want to do that, and is taking her chances.

"I'm just moving on with my life, working on my TV stuff … Go, women! I'm not guilty. I don't need a criminal record. I'm not like the other Teen Moms! I don't think it's funny when other people are bullied or harassed. I am a victim and that is why I am here. I just don't want to be victimized and charged for something false on my record," Farrah Abraham told Us Weekly following her court hearing.