An 18-Foot Fugitive Python Terrorizes Poland While It Evades Authorities


In Poland, an 18-foot long long python has been terrorizing locals as it evades detection by authorities. People have been advised to stay away from the Vistula River, a spot it likes to apparently frequent, while authorities send in drones and sniffer dogs in an effort to locate the enormous creature.

According to the New Zealand Times, the python is frequenting an area just south of the major city of Warsaw in Poland. The Piaseczno police are urging people to stay away from the area where the python has been sighted, but reports have been filtering since July 7, when part of a snakeskin was found, potentially making it hard to keep locals away for such an extended period of time.

Initial reports, according to NPR, urged people to “avoid taking walks near the banks of the Vistula river.” There were extra cautions in regard to children and pets — both of which could make “python-size snacks.”

Four drones, four boats, and up to 80 volunteers including police officers and firefighters have been scouring the area along with a drug-sniffing dog named Cocaine. So far, there has been no luck in relation to capturing the errant python. Cocaine has come across some fur-lined excrement that might belong to the snake according to NPR.

While the search continues, experts warn that the python might not even still be in the area.

“It’s a great swimmer. If it went into the Vistula and swam with the current it could be a 100 kilometers away,” said Radoslaw Ratajszczak, a zoo director.

It appears as Poland unites in their efforts to find the snake, they will not give up until the creature is located.

Nicknamed Bertha, the python is considered to be an Indian python (Python molurus molurus).

According to NPR, volunteers have taken thousands of photographs which will then be analyzed in an effort to locate the escaped reptile.

However, if the python is still in the area experts suspect its reign of terror may end shortly thanks to cooler weather arriving. With summer cooling off, it is possible the snake could go into hibernation until next spring — when it can exact further terror on the residents of Poland.

As to why there is an 18-foot long python slithering rampant in Poland according to authorities, the python may have been kept as a pet and was released into the wild or, alternatively, escaped. Although, no one has come forth to claim ownership of the animal. The Piaseczno officials have now opened a criminal investigation as the incident is being considered a danger to public safety.