Halle Berry Shares A Sweet Photo Of Son And Pooch Bonding Together

Halle Berry's latest #LivingLikeJackson post on Instagram showcases the adorable love between her son, Maceo-Robert, and the family's dog, Jackson. People first reported about Jackson on May 30, 2017, when the puppy joined the family to provide comfort after the loss of their beloved cat, Playdough. Since that time, the golden-furred canine has grown into an adult and become a big hit on Instagram with almost 40 posts to date.

In today's photo, Jackson is snuggled up to Maceo-Robert as the two take a nap together on a plush-looking blanket. The color scheme is so similar to Jackson's fur that he almost blends right in, but his dark collar and brown nose make him stand out. Berry had previously written on Instagram about the special bond that Maceo-Robert had with Playdough, which makes it especially heartwarming to see the young boy's connection to Jackson.

"Playdough and Maceo were pals. Every morning they had b'fast together… Side by side… on the floor together," said Halle.
Halle Berry's fans wasted no time expressing their pleasure at seeing such an adorable photo in their Instagram feed. Comments ranged from "I love pics like this. Nothing but pure love. He's precious!" to "That's so adorable!"Playdough looking on in an earlier photo.Other imagery from the #LivingLikeJackson hashtag has shown the dog wearing sporty goggles, cuddled in bed with Halle, and dressed as the dog pope for the Met Gala. This year's Met Gala, which is an annual gathering of wealthy, famous, and well-connected individuals, encouraged every attendee to select an outfit that fit the Catholic Church theme.

Halle Berry is known as a lifelong animal lover, and this has even shown up in her movie roles. IGN pointed out back in June that the actress has a couple of furry co-stars in the upcoming John Wick: Chapter 3. Early promo images show what appears to be Halle's character, Sofia, being flanked by two very loyal looking dogs.

Per People, it's very rare for Halle Berry to show the faces of either of her children online. On the other hand, here is one of the pics his mother uploaded to Instagram that shows more of the handsome boy's features.

The latest photo with Jackson does have Maceo-Robert's profile, although the lighting is too dark to make out a lot of his facial features. Regardless, fans of the actress and dogs clearly cannot get enough of these super cute pics. In fact, the cuddling photo racked up more than 28,000 likes within the first hour. Clearly, when it comes to connecting with Instagram fans, Halle Berry has the right formula in place with her dog, Jackson.