Julianne Hough Takes Risky Leap In Skimpy Bikini As She Jumps For Joy In New Instagram Post

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Julianne Hough has been all about inspiration lately. The actress and former Dancing with the Stars judge has been posting frequently on Instagram with photos, videos, and notes that have motivated her followers and given her a valuable outlet for expressing herself. Julianne has been having an amazing summer from the looks of things and she showcased that in her latest post.

Wednesday afternoon, Julianne Hough shared a short video clip via her Instagram page. In the video, she was wearing a small bikini and was standing at the top of a high rock formation. She seemed to be smiling as she took a big leap and dove into the water. Julianne added a note saying that she was jumping for joy and jumping for life.

Hough’s caption also noted that when one is facing a world of unknowns, it’s always possible to come back to one’s breath. Julianne encouraged her followers to let go of their fears and go after whatever life they want to have. In a playful jab at herself, she ended the post with a frog emoji and a hashtag about having frog legs in her dive.

It looks like Julianne’s post resonated with her followers, as it raked in nearly 200,000 likes in just an hour or so. Many people called her an inspiration and a tough woman, noting that she amazes them. Hough didn’t tag where she was for this impressive jump, but many of her Instagram followers guessed that she was at Lake Powell.

The former Dancing with the Stars judge has definitely been living her best life this summer. For her birthday in July, her husband Brooks Laich surprised her with a trip to Peru and she has seemed especially reflective and empowered since then.

In one of her Instagram posts from that trip, Julianne wrote that the trip came at a time when she’d been craving the chance to connect with nature, embrace her feminine power, and feel grounded. It was obvious from what she shared during her time with Brooks and her friends in Peru that this location was exactly what she needed.

Since that trip, Hough has been especially open about her feelings and her efforts to grow and she has been writing a lot that has prompted her followers to explore the same for themselves. Julianne has teased that she’s got some amazing projects in the works and she has encouraged people to move, explore, and let go of any worries about being judged.

It looks like Julianne Hough is on quite the journey of self-discovery this summer and her fans love that she’s being so open about everything and inviting them along for the ride.